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Add breath continuously new politics into enterprise of foreign trade spin new l
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Bureau of trade of the classics outside city concerns personage analysis, add breath and constrictive sex the negative effect with the most immediate monetary policy conducts foreign trade business, just make the enterprise borrows money accrual heighten, business of whole to the enterprise foreign trade moves, won't cause very big impact. But add breath can increase company capital cost to take up, reduce company profit and investment demand thereby; In the meantime, the company entrance to equipment of raw material, the sources of energy, capital demand or will be restrained, affect import demand then. Controller of 4 textile limited company also expresses Zhejiang, because export drawback to want lag commonly,4 months company just can get drawback money, the capital have enough to meet need of the enterprise often suffers an effect. Restrict kind of catalog new policy plus the improvement trade that just comes on stage this year, enterprise even the bank earnest money that pay for sb and expect to be repaid later involves pay to the sea, such foreign trade enterprises often need to borrow money to the bank, once add,cease, company place suffers an effect more remarkable. Those who deserve attention is, add although breath won't be direct action at itself of foreign trade enterprise, but can exciting RMB appreciates. The personage inside course of study is analysed, the plainest truth, interest is high, the earnings that invests a RMB also can increase accordingly. And the RMB appreciates expectant impact is compared even appreciate the pressure that itself brings a company is even great. Because the inaccuracy of RMB exchange rate is decided, exit of foreign trade company faces a risk at any time. In at present raw material rises in price, drawback of frequent, exit reduces international trade issue below the surround that waits for multiple element, any is new occurrence adverse information becomes the burden that is pressed on body of foreign trade industry possibly.

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