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Beautiful couplet store lower interest influence United States and world economy
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Beautiful couplet store lower interest the promotion that the most immediate impact should belong to pair of investor confidence. Lower interest that day, new York stock market points to all fronts big 3 to go up considerably raise, among them Dow Jones share of 30 kinds of industry is average price index achieves nearly 5 years to come by computation of check the number the oldest odd-numbered days goes up. 3 big stock markets of European are main point to also go up entirely raise. 19 days, japan, Korea, Australia and stock market of Singapore and other places also rise strong. From the point of the reaction of global stock market, since investor goes for some time because of the United States second borrow the crisis and because the angst mood of keep long in stock is beautiful couplet store lower interest got fixed rate alleviate. Diana Siwangke points out chief economist of firm of banking of American Chicago Mei Siluo, the market welcomes to lower interest, because,basically be beautiful couplet store tell investor through lowering interest, beautiful couplet Chu Zheng is adopting all necessary step to maintain economic health to develop. If beautiful couplet store through lowering interest missive this " sth capable of comforting sb " the hope that can make investor restore to increase prospect to money market and macroeconomic, so, no matter be American economy or global economy, will be benefited from which. Beautiful couplet store another influence that lower interest is the dollar may depreciate further. Since period of time, because American economy drops in temperature, other area economy grows quickly and interest rate rises, rate of exchange of other to the world main currency takes the dollar continuously low. Couplet is in the beauty store after lowering interest, this one trend may be deepened. To American economy, the dollar depreciates is " Shuang Renjian " . On one hand, the dollar goes low to be helpful for the United States enlarging exit, offset the loss that housing market drops in temperature to be caused to American economy thereby, for economy growth provides the new power that prop up. But on the other hand, the dollar goes small conference to make entrance product rise in price. To the United States such consumption is mixed for entrance big country, entrance product rises in price to drive consumptive price to climb likely litre, thereby further inflation pressure. Be in especially at present price of international market crude involves the setting that rise continuously, this especially notable. Of course, beautiful couplet store the effect with lower interest to still have main, the stimulative effect that increases to economy namely then. Because lower interest to mean the leasehold cost that reduces individual and enterprise namely, this conduces to undoubtedly promote consumption and investment growth. Below current environment, those who lower interest to still mean housing guaranty usurer still borrow pressure to will be reduced somewhat, conduce to reduce effect that borrows the crisis, alleviate thereby credit is constrictive, restore money market stability. If beautiful couplet store lower interest etc answers act to be able to make American economy return to stability to rise path, that will be the strong support of pair of whole world economy. In recent years world economy grows pattern to already produced change, the contribution that the country of rising market economy such as China increases to global economy is larger and larger. Nevertheless, regard the world as system of the biggest economy, if American economy carries good growth state, will be growth of other area economy to offer undoubtedly prop up formidably. Nevertheless, also analytic personage points out, beautiful couplet store the upbeat mood that lowers interest to be brought to the market perhaps is brief, because lower interest,crisis of this one nature is done not have and disappear. Housing of for sale of much keep long in stock is adumbrative housing market is small confuse condition to still will last, bring about a building possibly, make and other industry cuts down morely obtain employment post. In addition, mortgage loan market is defaulted still be borrowed and lose guarantee the scale of redemptive authority still is continueing to rise. In the meantime, situation of obtain employment market also is in produce change, unemployment rate may rise to the end of the year to 5 % . All these elements are mixed possibly to individual income consumptive spending growth brings adverse effect, affect American macroeconomic growth then.

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