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The RMB appreciates quickly cause the industry such as spin to change greatly b
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On July 21, 2005, to Chinese economy, it is a day when be worth thick Mo Chongcai. That day, chinese people bank announces, our country begins to execute it is a foundation with market supply and demand, referenced total money undertakes modulatory, the floating rate system that has government. One causes Chinese economy to change greatly the exchange rate reform of the bureau is started from this. Thenceforth rises up to now, the RMB goes tall continuously to dollar exchange rate, up to on December 14, 2007, the RMB is right price rises among dollar exchange rate to 7.3589, appreciate than the beginning of the year more than 6% , collect since changing, accumulative total appreciates more than 10% . Review near two years of time of half to be able to see, annual RMB appreciated 2006 extent is only 3.3% , collect change accumulative total to appreciate extent also does not pass 5.5% ; 2007, the RMB is entered appreciate quickly period. This admittedly be identical Chinese economy is long-term to good caused basic exchange rate adjusts a trend, also reflected make in numerous economy judge below the element, appreciate to had made the inevitable choice that solves Chinese economy problem quickly. Forecast according to the expert, for further contractible favorable balance of trade, alleviate the situation with excess liquidity controls inflation, in order to drive effective exchange rate (increase advantageous position with commerce average, add is package monetary exchange rate) appreciate to will be in for the exchange rate policy of the target generation is larger 2008 appreciate effect. Exchange rate, in be being become, indigenous industry and company grow a col that does not circle, the capital cost that its cause and income change, will changed the structure of numerous industry for a long time, gift the growing rate with disparate new industry. Among them, a few big industries such as estate, aviation, commerce, commerce, car, chemical industry because its and relationship of exchange rate change are close, in the eddy that managing exchange rate innovation personally. Overall and character, the RMB appreciates the Zhang face value such as the property that changed afore-mentioned industry businesses, indebted, income, cost, through the metabolic influence of exchange gains and losses its manage outstanding achievement, because this is big to external debt dimensions, the industry that owns high liquidity or property of RMB of a huge sum is long-term profit is good, wait for an industry like estate, aviation. Contrary, low to exporting industry or ability of product international price trade impact is bigger. Wait like product of industry of apperception of textile trade, resource. And because the industry such as the car imports component to depreciate with RMB valuation, the front faces older and older finished product to depreciate pressure. On the other hand, the adverse effect that brings to eliminate a RMB to appreciate, alleviate the social pressure such as unemployed, environmental protection, each industry still will be faced with labor cost, energy cost to rise brought industry upgrades challenge. What because appreciate,cause is new climax of advance gradually of war of round of trade.

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