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RMB exchange rate innovates again tall accumulative total appreciates extent 9.6
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Chinese foreign currency trades center on December 24 message, chinese foreign currency trades newest data of the center shows, 24 days of price intermediate are RMB add dollar RMB 7.3315 yuan. According to collect the of 8.11 exchange rate computation when changing, collect since changing, RMB accumulative total appreciates extent already was achieved 9.61% . Foreign currency of China of accredit of Chinese people bank trades the center is announced, the dollar of market of the foreign currency between the bank intermediate price that pays exchange rate of RMB of dicker money exchange was on December 24, 2007: RMB of 1 dollar add 7.3315 yuan, RMB of 1 euro add 10.5434 yuan, RMB of 100 yen add 6.4216 yuan, RMB of add of 1 HK dollar 0.93966 yuan, RMB of 1 pound add 14.5037 yuan. Valence achieves RMB add dollar 5 years to was collected in July among December 24 since changing new tall, and be 7 years since the 79th innovation is tall.

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