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The RMB appreciates carry fast exit to spin look forward to to face final examin
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Appreciate loss two into profit New Year drawing near, ning Bo's famous Na Yuan was full of festal atmosphere in restaurant. Person middleaged Xu Jianchang's sonorous voice wears in the agitate in restaurant old hall: The son was about to marry. He is here the thing of nervous plan wedding. Glad to can be imagined, but thing of one respecting shoppy, he is done not have so happy. Xu Jianchang is east of limited company of group of exert of red of peaceful wave lion, Ning Bo general manager of limited company of grand industry imports and exports. Lion red exert is the company with Ning Bo and even well-known Zhejiang, existing employee exceeds 3700 people. 8 units such as limited company of imports and exports of exert of red of lion of limited company of dress of exert of red of lion of company subordinate peaceful wave, peaceful wave, the company owns plant of more than 8 hand-me-down, it is company of clothing of a weaving, coloring, group that makes the garment, international trade be an organic whole knitting. Sale amounted to 1.135 billion RMB 2006, achieve collect 100 million dollar. "We are in respect of knitwear, T-shirt is company of before exit 3 shell, amount of every months of exit can achieve 2.5 million, the company such as ADIDAS, NIKE is the order client of the company, we produce the match of the world cup used dress 2006. " Xu Jianchang says haughtily. Letting what Xu Jianchang feels careladen is, money earned harder and harder. "Not be anxious market, however the RMB is costly, we with respect to loss money. " " according to myself calculate, arrive from January 1, 2007 on December 1, the RMB appreciates to the dollar adjacent 6% , company loss about 1 ten million yuan RMB, 23% what take profit about. " Xu Jianchang says. Exchange rate change still brought astringent competitive pressure at the same time. "Clothing outlet is having extensive competitor, chinese exit dress takes the world about 30% , like there are India and China only in country of outlet of current and other clothing, be in revaluation, a few big competitors such as Indonesian, Vietnam are in with drop dollar, many order move reached circumjacent area. " Xu Jianchang is right now of exchange rate sensitive with familiar degree, already a no less than professions fry the person that collect. Letting what he feels anxious is, now is one begins only. "Had gone the Central Bank has sought advice, appreciated to be able to exceed 7 yuan certainly 2008, lower interest considering the dollar, the RMB adds the element of breath, the difficulty from the back can say unprecedented. "New " 3 big hill " "Exchange rate, tax rate, interest rate, this 3 rate are 3 when be pressed on export business body big hill. " Xu Jianchang says, and the RMB exchange rate that appreciating quickly is he and eye of person of the same trade are medium the biggest a big hill. Xu Jianchang is not right exchange rate appreciates feel most headaching proprietor of an enterprise. Be in Zhejiang, what a lot of his person of the same trades compare his angst is much. "In the dress knitting person of the same trade that is in peaceful wave city, the benefit of lion red exert is an advanced row actually. " Xu Jianchang says, the dress product that his factory produces is belonged to relatively the product of high quality scales, profit margin wants relatively tall. The net gain of home appliance manufacturing industry is so small that the net gain of home appliance manufacturing industry have pity on, "Average company may have 2% only, 3% , only best enterprise may exceed 4% . " Wang Wengen of general manager of limited company of imports and exports says peaceful Boaokesi. The RMB of more than 6% should be answered to appreciate below such profit margin speed, difficulty cans be imagined. And in Ning Bo in numerous exit product, electromechanical and dress spin are two kinds of big main products. Ding Haibin introduces, two kinds of products part to hold export about 57% with 20% . Lion red slave and Aokesi just are the delegate of this two big fields. Ding Haibin says frankly, since 2007 adjust exit drawback policy, RMB twice to appreciate early or late, CPI rises drive raw material to rise in price to restrict an element with etc, had produced bigger effect to exporting a company. "The RMB appreciates to bring about enterprise benefit to drop directly. " Ding Haibin says, although at present peaceful wave imports and exports maintained rapid development but the influence of sex of a few lag is being shown. A survey to 10 kinds of big commodity discovers, from September 2007 the portion begins, order becomes little. Ding Haibin expresses, afore-mentioned phenomena explain abroad purchased business to change order form, a few low end took bound only move to reach circumjacent country and area.
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