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Achieve 4 days of new tall RMBs repeatedly fierce break through quickly 7.16
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Up to yesterday, the RMB is collected oneself extent appreciates to already was achieved since changing 13.3% , since this year appreciate extent already was achieved 2% . If according to such appreciating speed, RMB this year litre will go more than greatly year of level of 6.9% . Restrain inflation to be considered as the main reason that the RMB appreciates quickly. Of cloth of the ruler of heaven of yesterday of national statistic bureau January CPI compared to the same period amplitude is achieved 7.1% , relatively the level of 6.5% went high somewhat again December last year, achieve in October 1996 the high point since the portion, the inflationary pressure that shows our country to be faced with at present still has add without decrease. Analytic personage expresses, this currency appreciates be helpful for controlling input inflation, can alleviate through developing the inhibition to exit at the same time domestic liquidity is excess phenomenon, weaken monetary base of inflation. And will look at present, the RMB is making one of main policy tools that control inflation with appreciating quickly. Suffer intermediate price effect, exchange rate of RMB of market of the foreign currency between the bank also went tall considerably that day. Inquiry market, exchange rate of dollar add RMB is top that day to 7.159, lowest comes 7.1534, closing quotation at 7.158, relatively before one trade day is low 43 are nodded. The member that trade nevertheless thinks, be in successive after innovation of much day alternate is tall, near future of RMB exchange rate may somewhat look forward to is firm. Long-dated to the RMB agio enlarges dollar of the market outside the condition somewhat again, indication RMB appreciates to increase what anticipate further. According to Peng Bo information system shows, up to yesterday 21: 08, a year period dollar add RMB cannot forward exchange rate receives complete a business transaction at 6.556, relatively before one trade price of day closing quotation dropped 255 are nodded, the RMB after this shows the market to anticipate one year appreciates extent is achieved 9% .

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