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8 years beginning capital cold current is enveloped in January pily market
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A few days ago, the weather area since an intense cold air will enter a winter entered the coldest period. Face close the end of the year, the defray that is individual or enterprise no matter is carried once more program, the family should take out special purchases for the Spring Festival of partial capital provision, the enterprise wants provision to extend bonus and welfare, intensified the capital of individual and enterprise, this with respect to capital situation of in short supply capital of cotton spinning company will be more tight. The weather of winter of no less than, portion cotton market will encounter the descent of capital cold current in January 2008, pily market weather predicts will cloudy turn shade. Of the wind of capital sweep across On December 5, 2007, conference of central economy job concludes, made clear our country this year from tight monetary policy. The country falls the fundamental key of monetary policy in " from close " on, basically result from the economy of our country has grown fast, credit to put in favourable balance of overmuch, foreign trade to wait for a problem greatly too. From tight monetary policy the capital intensity pitch aggravate spin industry, to be in change to make and be produced can the spin enterprise of transition period increased pressure. Then, since last year, want to raise fund only, spin enterprise " turn pale at the only mention of sth terrible " . This kind of phenomenon let spin enterprise squelch cotton rises in price again, although pily price rises because of prices cost, spin market more also be to follow, do not offer prop up. Turn one's head 2007 seventeen big, country " 915 " the program puts forward " 915 " during unit GDP specific power consumption reduces 20% the left and right sides, main contaminant to discharge gross to reduce the tie sex quota of 10% . Conference of central economy job puts forward, the country will adopt stronger step to advance 2008 energy-saving decrease a platoon, it is next year surely " the energy-saving key that decrease a platoon year " . Among them, it is aggrandizement system of job responsibility of the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon. 2 it is to continue exert oneself washs out backward productivity. 3 it is to pay company of good focal point energy-saving with major project. 4 it is perfect and relevant policy. Increase wealth tax to lag behind to falling into disuse produce can, energy-saving technical reformation and the support that product of energy-saving environmental protection popularizes. Make and edit a batch of high cost can limitation of product specific power consumption is mandatory national level. According to investigation, 2007 yarn market all the time not lukewarm not fire, busy season also is behaved indifferently, basically be the stagnant be caused by because of downstream grey market. One of stagnant main reasons of downstream grey are, to comply with a country energy-saving platoon decreases policy, the enterprise is added on except corrupt equipment. Add on blowdown equipment needs a large number of capital, still need to throw a staff member, the salary that gives a staff member raised capital pay again. These increased an enterprise to produce cost, aggravate financing is tight, reduced product market competition ability. Energy-saving platoon reduces next year state the target of policy, make spin company capital nervous will have add without decrease.
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