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Textile raw material prices fall hesitate to success of Heroes
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As also cotton, cotton also lost. Prices of cotton goods market this week, diving, and contrary to the previous upward trend, resulting in a substantial rise in pre-polyester fiber stocks also benefited from more than losing streak, market prices come to an end. However, as more types of differential fiber, uses different, cotton price changes on the impact of chemical products are not the same. November 16, differentiated small cationic silk market trading volume, the price is in a stable pattern. Price trends from view, such as market quotations FDY63D/24F and FDY150D/72F remained at 22,000 yuan / ton and 19,600 yuan / ton. Slice the current domestic CDP (yarn grade) to the buyout price for short remain at 14,500 yuan / ton. To digest the present weaving factory pre-purchased raw materials-based, cationic silk difficult moment large increase purchasing power, so the market outlook is expected to be to adjust the main cation. Polyester / polyester composite wire, the overall weak market, a steady trend of falling prices. Sales point of view, (DT flat pull + POY) 100 * 100 sales good, mainly fabrics and other products move off downstream. The current price of polyester chips callback. Outlook is expected to polyester / polyester composite wire to weak market-based. PET / PA composite wire is not market turnover, compared to sales or to DTY160D/72F × 16-based, the current market price trend barely steady. Haidao Si FDY75D market sales were good, mainly through lower sales go smooth suede fabric. Island composite wire market outlook is expected to trend will remain stable. Information through new fiber analyst Irina that with China's national economy and the continuous development of related industries, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, domestic consumption of chemical fiber products will continue to grow; the same time, with the progress of China's chemical fiber and chemical fiber production technology differences degree of increased use of chemical fiber industry will become more widespread, the market capacity is huge. Short fiber composites as a differentiated, functional type of chemical species, the rapid development over the past decade, has been widely used in people's lives, industrial, medical, optical communications and other fields has become an indispensable fiber materials, and to continue to high value-added direction.
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