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Association of Indian textile mills asks governmental control cotton is exported
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In a memorandum, association chairman A.R.Chinnaiyan points out, tamilNadu state has 2 about, 000 greatly small spin companies, and be in for the most part a rural area. These enterprises have 2, 000-5, 000 hands shake loom and dynamical loom, the laborer of farming of male and female of employ amounts to hundred thousands of person. He says regretfully, these enterprises are faced with in nearly 6 months austere with unprecedented crisis. A lot of enterprises suffer significant loss, a lot of enterprises are forced stop production. Cause at present the main reason of predicament is pily price circles rise, as a result of the intense competition of China and Pakistan, the international market is right the slow down in demand of Indian gauze. He says, we gave us to create unprecedented crisis in the main competitor in world trade. If Indian textile industry wants to spend this catastrophe, must take current problem seriously instantly. He appeals administration is made give aid to effectively policy, help India textile industry enhances competition ability. He says regretfully, the government encourages India to export cotton in great quantities to those competitive countries, reduced the competition ability of commerce of native land spin and textile industry not only, still prevented their development at the same time. Pily price circles rise the actual strength that weakened indigenous textile industry. But he believes, with appropriate price mechanism, assure the benefit of cotton grower, after satisfying indigenous industry requirement, to odd cotton exit has control, can dissolve current crisis. In addition, want strict control to cotton trader and phenomenon of middleman corner cotton. He says, this year bombazine price relatively dropped considerably last year. The cloth that this can shake through encouraging exit hand loom and dynamical loom are produced and fabrics will solve, enlarge cloth and fabrics exit to will stabilize gauze value. Also be helpful for the development of spinning enterprise at the same time, create more obtain employment opportunities, service permanent worker person, especially the worker of a rural area. He says, the central duty of commerce of cancel home cotton (the price that 3%) is helpful for reducing gauze. But bank interest from 10% rise 15% , increased the manufacturing cost of gauze. He asks to encourage pily scientist and researcher appraisal and production to fight bug and high yield to grow variety of cotton of cloth with soft nap federally (every acre 50 quintal) , increase cotton grower income, stimulative textile industry develops.

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