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Exotic of market of Indonesian textile hand-me-down controlled 60 %
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"Ship comes textile the force with which sth breaks out is roaring, some is imported formally, some is imported illegally, but still dominate home market. " according to statistic, homebred this year textile and forehead of exit of textile manufactured goods amount to 9.9 billion dollar, than exporting the specified number last year 9.2 billion dollar rose 9% . But on the other hand, its home sale only 1 million 450 billion aegis, reduce than the sale last year 5% , control total sales of countrywide this product only the 45% markets of 3 million aegis are had rate. He points out, indonesian home sale appears negative increase rate, actually domestic demand increases somewhat, the sale last year 2 million 600 billion aegis. Because home market is had rate is not old, textile or hand-me-down course of study person more devote oneself to to develop foreign market, although be reduced somewhat in American sale, the exit specified number that estimates next year will grow 10% . The target of exit gets lost the Europe that developing flourishingly and Japanese market. The sale that is in the United States is reduced somewhat, basically be to get this country second loan crisis and violent wind of world oil price rise estate affect be caused by. Nevertheless, grow to Europe and Japanese exit forehead, will have compensation effect. "Euro beneficial strengthens interest, and there is trade agreement between Japan and our country, come so, insurable the safety that exit grows. " he thinks, indonesia is necessary to strengthen export line of business ceaselessly, because homebred textile reachs hand-me-down, 80% offer outlet, and home market backwater has even glide evidence. "Notice, custom must redouble his efforts, prevent textile and hand-me-down smuggling activity. " occupy Mu Dela of economist of university of Jia Cha Mada additionally to check heart · female assist collect (MudrajadKuncoro) says, the huge business risk that textile faces, origin is incongruous growing mode, down to squelched trade. The problem that still exists has raw material to supply, the consumptive capacity that salary extent, the sources of energy supplies not expedite, disequilibrium, enough reduces market competition ability.

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