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The United States imports the custom administration of textile and relevant meas
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Quota of textile of the whole world since January 1, 2005 cancels, textile trade entered a period that liberalizes relatively. But because spin industry enters a doorsill relatively inferior, technical content is not very tall; In the meantime, textile develops a space as market of daily necessaries of life opposite bigger; Additional, this industry can offer more considerable obtain employment scope and the development that drive relevant industry for the society; Accordingly, each country government especially developing country and area, apt encourages development spin trade, hope to have as far as possible much market share, this also imported national market to cause impact on certain level to textile at the same time. To protect interest of native and relevant property, euramerican wait for textile to imported a country to use trade measure to restrict his country in succession the entrance of textile, this also brought up textile directly the special sensitivity in international trade. Regard the supply of global textile market as big country, to the understanding of the custom administration of country of imports and exports and relevant policy, appear more important in textile foreign trade. One, system of American tax regulations and textile are set be restricted category 1. United States of brief introduction of structure of American tax regulations begins solid inflict from 1989 " commodity name and encode coordinate a system " (abbreviation " harmonious system " ) the custom duty tax regulations that is a foundation. Like all harmonious system signatory, of American custom " harmonious tax regulations " (HarmonizedTariffScheduleoftheUnitedStates) used directly " harmonious system " classify total regulation, kind note, the chapter is noted, specific item annotate reachs his the entire content that 6 digit code commodity is expressed. In the meantime, the United States is in original " harmonious system " native explanatory note added again on the foundation, weave to understand commodity to reach its structure made relevant provision and official explanation; Be in according to native need " harmonious system " add on the foundation of 6 encode specific item listed 4 native specific item, specific item several class enlarged 10. American place compiles " harmonious tax regulations " the 7th, 8 encode are tax regulations specific item, use for imposing custom duty; In the meantime, be in according to need the 7th, the line is added on 8 foundation the 9th, 10 add encode, basically use for trade statistic and control. This kind offers the harmonious tax regulations that special need uses, we say for " tax regulations / statistic coordinates catalog " . This catalog is made through American home legislative process, have legal effectiveness, business of any imports and exports all can inquire in the official website of American custom and download. Additional, american custom still wrote statistical catalog explanatory note through legislative process, be in do not violate world custom to organize (WCO) " harmonious system " specific provision was made to the classify of relevant commodity on the foundation of classify principle. Carry this list, the person that use searchs what manage need to quota of reflective textile imports and exports OK and intuitionisticly to set be restricted the commodity encode of textile and place of corresponding commodity limits are set correspondingly be restricted category. 2. American textile is set be restricted category management as global textile quota cancel, china exports the quantitative leap of American textile, different level affected the development of American country relevant industry. In view of the protection to native and relevant industry, the United States implemented category restriction to importing dry goods. The United States and European Union set be restricted of the area set be restricted textile in principle all includes product of spin of etc of yarn, fabric, dress. But each country is set be restricted limits is not only different, and category code is endless also and same. Category code of the United States is 3 encode, group of fiber of the 1st delegate is fastened (" 2 " word head states cotton is reached / or chemical fibber, "3 " word begin expresses cotton, "4 " word begin expresses wool, "6 " word begin expresses chemical fibber, "8 " word begin expresses silk or divide the other plant fiber beyond cotton) ; The 2nd, project of 3 delegates kinds or types of goods (project of kinds or types of goods weaves according to order of goods of yarn, fabric, dress, other spin, x00-X07 expresses yarn, x10-X29 shows fabric, x30-X59 shows garment, x60-X99 shows other spin product) ; Pair of beautiful export dry goods that the encode of commodity of our country textile of correspondence of specific category date and trade name weigh to be able to refer to website of Department of Commerce to announce manage catalogue temporarily. No matter be the United States or European Union area, principle of its commodity group has certain intercommunity, all be with " harmonious system " classified system is a foundation. Palpability is noted to set on the catalog of harmonious tax regulations that the United States codes in 10 be restricted the category date etc of textile is relevant information, wait like commodity name, tax rate. Should decide to the textile of the entrance its are in above all " harmonious tax regulations " the 10 encode that go up, set correspondingly according to corresponding encode place next be restricted the category undertakes administrative. American Department of Commerce sets textile and dress office (Office Of Textiles And Apparel, OTEXA) imports and exports of main and responsible textile and quota government work, the textile that its establish is set be restricted category and American custom " harmonious tax regulations " the 10 commodity encode on catalog is opposite should, each category date all corresponding a series of commodity encode.
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