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Cotlook cotton weekly: China matchs forelock to be put into the focus
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From supply a face to look, of cotton price go up raise as good as is interest empty news to using cotton company, because the inventory of textile has become its in-house pressure, at the same time periphery economy condition also more hasten is exasperate. The cotton cost of partial country expends the brim that the quantity has tended danger is changed it seems that. To pily cropper, of cotton price recently round rise make them add close many. Because predict acreage of cotton of establish of 2008/09 year United States,decrease additionally, and individual advocate the establish cotton acreage that produces a country also tends decrease, below this kind of setting, meet naturally elsewhere incline to at growing more cotton. According to the report, indian cotton grower is more satisfactory to current current situation, the cotton price of Indian north and ancient Jilate is climbed continuously litre, exciting cotton grower raises pily yield. Cotton compared the grain of Chinese the Huanghe valley to rise somewhat 2007, although pily crop falls somewhat, but cotton grower accrual still promotes somewhat. The 2008/09 year whole world of Cotlook is produced need to forecast number general in Feburary the bottom is announced, come round to look from eye, unless price of ICE period cotton falls defeat considerably, cotton trader expresses great expectations no longer to the import volume before Chinese Spring Festival gradually. Go from last week in light of situation, inside 1% custom duty outside cotton imports the price still the landed cotton price of prep above China, do not have competition ability. The quota below the slippery standard tax 2008 extends to still need time, because of problem of this cotton quality, and the capital be in harmony that whether can get advantage connects the item that makes the market pay close attention to more. The market wants a number to the yield of Chinese cotton still babble, it is not clear to do from beginning to end however: Whether was Chinese crop underestimated, and is cotton consumed whether exaggerate?

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