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How does accurate understanding import cotton 8 years is slippery standard tax n
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(basis on December 28 message, " tax regulations of imports and exports of People's Republic of China 2008 edition " stipulated entrance cotton slipped 2008 standard tax is specific computation is formulary, be the author to be made according to specific formula below understand)Slippery standard tax calculated entrance cotton 2008 formula simplifies somewhat Basis " tax regulations of imports and exports of People's Republic of China 2008 edition " (P974 page) regulation, a certain quantity of to what import outside quota cotton, applicable slippery form allowing tax is provisional custom duty, right " 8 years entrance entrance cotton slips computation allowing tax is formulary " made specific refine, new measure undertook simplifying to method of slippery calculation allowing tax. Particular kind is as follows: 1. Should import price of pily pay taxes prep above or be equal to 11.397 yuan / kilogram when, press 0.57 yuan / kilogram plan ask for specific duties; 2. Should import price of pily pay taxes under 11.397 yuan / kilogram when, provisional duty tax rate presses type calculates: Tax rate of provisional duty of Pi-1 Ri- of × of Ri=Pt/Pi α , press when Ri on form calculation is worth prep above 40% when, take a cost 40% ; Pt- constant, for price of pay taxes of 8.686 Pi- custom duty, the unit is yuan / kilogram. α - invariable, 2.526% to going up round of form calculation result withholds 3 fraction. Formulary change: PT is worth by 8.8 long instead 8.686, other parameter is changeless. Adjust basically reflect the following sides: It is lowermost tax rate reduces a percent, reduce 5%-40% by original 6%-40% . 2 it is Pt of will formulary coefficient by 8.8 adjust for 8.686, α is 2.526% changeless; 3 be to prep above of pay taxes price 11397 yuan / ton entrance cotton, press 570 yuan / ton fixed custom duty collects cotton of 4 pairs of entrances formula of slippery computation allowing tax is done slightly simplify. Overall look, the fundamental key that this tax rate adjusts is in be opposite, advanced course imports cotton levy cost to reduce, in the tax rate of low level keeps basically changeless. The biggest characteristic withheld a few characteristics of 7 years of plan, cancelled namely so called " entrance cotton keeps base price to harbor " , but go up in the foundation of 07 plan, increased to impose the concept of fixed custom duty. Because calculation of new tax rate of slippery standard tax is formulary parameter is more, calculation is very complex, what make a reader more comprehensive understand new plan and original plan to facilitate is different reach a characteristic, chart lends circumstance of comparative and different quote below the metabolic trend of price of the cotton outside falling undertakes comprehensive analysis, to unite for the purpose of, RMB of charge of haven of + of price of pick up the goods of haven of pay taxes of cotton of entrance of = of price of cost of cotton of our agreement entrance 200 yuan / ton; Exchange rate of pily imports and exports adjusted the basis in January 2008 announcement, RMB exchange rate takes the slippery standard tax with new 7.3698 to adjust plan and 7 years of plan to be in specific carry out on, basic will outside cotton price divides into 3 paragraphs of distinction to treat: One, entrance cotton price reachs 44 cent in 44 cent / under the pound, entrance cotton cost is basic and fixed 2, in 45-70 cent, new tax rate is compared old low about 130 yuan / ton right-and-left cost 3, entrance cotton price of 70 cent above, the price is higher, relatively 7 years plan photograph is compared, entrance cost is lower.
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