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New a batch of 183 home companies win quota of 08 textile conveying the beauty
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Basis " inform about what outstanding achievement of textile first time allocated concerned issue 2008 " and " about fair the announcement that shows textile outstanding achievement to allocate a category to increase result of examine and verify of the enterprise that check newly " requirement, outstanding achievement is checked after nuclear result is announced first, concerned place business affairs is in charge of a branch to exported outstanding achievement to have review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court to offerring check company, check result is appearing in the newspaper in succession. Classics of Department of Commerce considers to decide, will announce outstanding achievement of enterprise check and ratify and relevant category to be able to apply a measure group by group. Center-west region and outstanding achievement of exit of company of base of northeast old industry already made the calculation that increase advantageous position. It is reported, by last year, department of Commerce already announced a batch of businesses spun 2008 deserve to be able to file a volume. Spin the business that match to was not being obtained, press the explanation of Department of Commerce, because the category is restricted to setting related its,be outstanding achievement of area check and ratify is 0, or be restricted to setting after check and ratify area outstanding achievement under 800 dollars, or what according to its computation of outstanding achievement of check and ratify reachs is highest the enterprise that can apply for a quantity to be able to file a volume under formulary lowest. Requirement of Department of Commerce, each district business affairs is in charge of a branch to inform our region operator can apply for an amount to submit application according to what announce as soon as possible, and on January 17 (do not contain 17 days) before, the application report our region operator and electronic data along with all the others collect reports Department of Commerce (exit manages visa system to accept temporarily and report electronic data) through textile. The written application that Department of Commerce will report according to each district collect and make known to lower levels of relevant electron data distribute program formally, allocate plan formally to notice other article. This plan will be relevant operator to sign and issue as each district visagranting office " textile is exported temporarily licence " according to.

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