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Textile quota price tends whole this year stable
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The reporter learns, was defeated by difference of utilization rate of dress of Euramerican and of all kinds textile 2007 apparent, partial category utilization rate amounts to 90% above, partial category is insufficient 30% , specific category has 3.3% only even. On the whole, general prep above loses utilization rate of category is defeated by Europe beautiful category, textile of dress category prep above reachs fabric category, quota conveying the beauty is close 3 pass into category the rest half. 2008, the European Union is right of Chinese spin product " quota " limitation announces to end, those who replace is bilateral monitoring system. The personage inside course of study thinks, my industry won't appear basically to Europe exit to be grabbed centrally this year close a phenomenon, main reason depends on: Europe both sides is executed in " double license controls a system " , the purpose is exporting at preventing Chinese spin " unusual " expression; Our country spins look forward to to be in encountered the amount is restricted, after turning over a lot of commerce such as the dumping to chafe, exit is rational with each passing day already; Because home consumes the market to flourish continuously, a lot of exit spin look forward to to already changed the look to home market stage by stage; Dress of our country textile is exported more hasten diversity, all the more takes beautiful to be not Europe country seriously to export. The reporter understands in covering a process, enterprise of a few spin is hopeful to be defeated by Europe quota to cancel to did not show exorbitant, more it is a kind of reason. They express, although in Europe trade policy is being adjusted ceaselessly, but commerce rich play chess won't stop. Concerned expert reminds, be similar to pair of Europe textile at the beginning of 2005 to export to avoid to appear " blowout " phenomenon, bring about trade friction aggravate, spin look forward to must reasonable control exports rhythm, avoid by all means accepts the order blindly, should maintain relatively accept the order the stability of the quantity. The personage inside course of study thinks, as " 2008 year are defeated announcement of invite public bidding of agreement of beautiful textile first time " come on stage, quotations of big 2008 textile quota price that falls greatly will alleviate somewhat, quota intermediary can live hard relatively, of course, current difficulty also can increase the quota on the market subsequently. Carry market research, right classification of ministry of the beginning of the year is other this year spin matched market price case to make forecast, among them price of US338/339 the beginning of the year hits above in 8 dollars / , US332/432/632 hits above in 1 dollar / , US347/348 hits above in 12.5 dollars / , US340/640 hits above in 4 dollars / , US638/639 hits above in 8 dollars / , US647/648 hits above in 8 dollars / , US352 hits above in 2 dollars / , US359/659S is in 2 dollars / hit above. The reporter notices, lost beautiful quota recently abrupt after brief cold and cheerless " active " , popular category price all has different level to rise. The price rises such fast, the personage inside course of study is analysed, because original quota price is far,basically be under quota intermediary anticipate, and of price of near future quota overall walking along situation general is concussion goes tall. Concerned personage expresses, if beautiful quota is defeated to cancel as scheduled by 2008, chinese textile imports occurrence increase sharply, do not eliminate American manufacturer to mention carry out " transfer period safeguard mechanism " application, or committee of international trade of requirement United States is carried out oppose allowance measure.
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