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On January 1, 2008, carried out be defeated by limitation of quota of 10 kinds of textile of Europe for years to be cancelled in the round, the bilateral monitoring program that those who replace is by a definite date a year. Face the exit opportunity of Chinese textile, the personage inside course of study cancels quota limitation to guide probably again in concern the confused situation 2005, it is thereby Euramerican use protect especially, turn over the method such as dumping measure to export a product to carry out limitation to provide excuse to our country. Most enterprise puts secret worry to this heart. 2005 " blowout " the beginning of the year did not show According to Chinese custom newest statistic shows, this year in January, dress of Fujian Province spin exports 174 million dollar to the European Union, grow 76.5% compared to the same period; Shanghai port exports 1.75 billion dollar to European Union textile, grow 32.3% compared to the same period. In the meantime, the reporter understands from chamber of commerce of textile imports and exports, end on Feburary 20, the dry goods that gets bilateral monitoring exported category to grow 11%-141.2% to differ. The growth that textile of the beginning of the year exports, caused the attention of industry, can resemble this year exit reemerges euqally after quota cancelled 2005 " blowout " , become the issue with spin garment most sensitive industry. To this, the reporter interviewed Cao Xinyu of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, cao Xinyu expresses, "Exit of the beginning of the year achieves bigger growth, because export an enterprise to understand the situation that quota cancels for the most part,be, did not complete all order form 2007, agreed with the cooperative business of the European Union however this year the export trade of the beginning of the year, in order to control cost. In the meantime, the enterprise should have a holiday during Spring Festival holiday Feburary, so a lot of enterprises choose to was exported ahead of schedule in January, make the beginning of the year measured annualer than going bottom to have constant growth to the exit of the European Union this year. This kind of case can appear every year, growth attributes normal phenomenon. After quota cancelled 2005 ' blowout ' did not show in the beginning of the year. " Cao Xinyu is analysed, 2005 " blowout " appearing is Chinese textile exit in the depression a certain number of year the following release one kind, increase sharply of this kind of amount cannot last. Grow through high speed of two years, amplitude of Chinese textile exit already appeared the evidence of fall after a rise. With compared 2006, the extent of fall after a rise was in 2007 3% to 5% between, spin dress is in in the proportion of favorable balance of trade in exit drop. A when made Chinese textile exit 2007 " inflection point " , export amplitude every year to be in from in the past 20% above, to maintain in 10% to the growth range of 15% . Export growth predicts to be in control this year 10% the left and right sides. "Was being exported to the European Union 2007 is negative growth, profit of incline to of situation of exit of the beginning of the year is good this year, but how making sure after admittance doorsill is reduced exit transfers smoothly still is a difficult problem. " Cao Xinyu expresses.
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