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Avoid to violate regulation competition The reporter understands, after quota cancels, according to be defeated Europe spins the admittance index of look forward to, our country has 5723 enterprises to possess exit qualification. According to statistic, was defeated by invite public bidding of the 2nd agreement of Europe to have last year bid qualificatory enterprise has 5120, the enterprise that wins the bid actually is 3892, pure from the point of the number, the enterprise limits of qualified this year exit expanded about 20% the left and right sides. Additional, make in quota below, a few Chinese textile industries for avoid control come product go by way of reexport of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey comes European Union, after quota cancels, the circumfluence of these entrepot trade will bring about what export to the European Union to increase. On the other hand, a few China that wait for manufacturing move the country to southeast Asia cross a state textile industry recalls production likely also home, increase the exit amount to the European Union thereby. However, in have export while qualificatory enterprise limits expands, come from August 2005 in August 2007, the declared on website of Department of Commerce breaks the law violate enterprise of compasses foreign trade to also achieve 431, among them 2006 year are defeated Europe, textile conveying the beauty to export invite public bidding of permissive quantity first time to was not handed in win the bid the enterprise of bail amounts to 404, occupy 94% . Among them medium and small businesses was occupied very big one part scale. "Enterprise of our country spin has nearly 100 thousand, among them the majority is civilian battalion enterprise and medium and small businesses, analysing the blindness with still have the market, certain when the international market especially, encounter a risk to resist very hard also. The European Union exports quota to cancel to our country textile, certainly will causes more enterprises to join the procession that exports to textile, may cause violate regulation competition, between the enterprise mutual demand a low price, bring about profit to decrease, the meeting is right at the same time the textile exit environment of our country brings adverse effect. " the Zhejiang that pursues job of garment foreign trade for years inferior gentleman of gold of Xin industrial Inc. expresses to the reporter. To this Cao Xinyu also has anxious, "Because doorsill of spin garment industry is inferior, grow easily without foreword, so although quota abolished on name, but the control that the European Union can strengthen pair of China textile to export from other side, the enterprise must avoid malign competition, follow sheet not blindly, bring about exit increase sharply, give a person thereby with the handle. " he is analysed. Relief website of commerce of China of Department of Commerce is senior analyst Zhao Qiu Yan indicates approval to this, "Once in Europe bilateral data shows in square export volume soars, the European Union is initiated likely turn over the commerce such as the dumping to relieve investigation. Of quota unlock what not be equal to the market, the European Union uses the doorsill such as responsibility of all sorts of technology camp, environmental protection, human rights, society likely still to restrict in square company exit. "
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