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Hold the vicissitude of the market after be defeated by European textile quota t
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Both sides of Chinese European Union is executed jointly " double license controls a system " its purpose is the unusual display that precautionary China textile exports to the European Union; Chinese spin enterprise encountered in the past the amount is restricted, after turning over a lot of commerce such as the dumping to chafe, exit is rational with each passing day already change, the enterprise also matures through all previous practice rise, be familiar with regulation of international trade game gradually; Spin dress product of China is going in the change the sort of is in the exit state that region of 9 section of the market gather together centrally, export market is growing to diversity direction, value the market of the other country beyond development European Union and United States and area more and more; The market needs inside China tremendous, market consumption flourishs increasingly, high-grade product requirement expands quickly in, this makes a lot of production companies changed old views -- always staring at foreign market, they turn market view to need the market upcountry; In addition, they also see clearly, foreign company storms and capture with all one's strength Chinese market, oneself cannot submissively photograph lets, or apathetic. Spin clothing company of China in the market this kind is increasingly mature, be helpful for them be in competition ability enhances domestic and internationally at the same time on two markets, be helpful for answering vicissitude of the market. Spin enterprise cancels quota to restrict this year to the European Union need not too hopeful, should from international trade, medium the look upon on the overall situation of Europe commerce and hold. Because in policy of the trade side Ou Shuang is to be in the process that adjusts ceaselessly in, may appear at any time new issue, the Bo Yijing on the international market is contended for whenever won't overblown. The key is quality and price, want to follow trade game regulation. Market experts remind, be similar to the China at the beginning of 2005 to be exported to Europe textile to avoid to appear " blowout " phenomenon, bring about aggravate of bilateral trade issue, spin enterprise must reasonable adjusting control exports rhythm, avoid by all means carries on blindly order, want to notice to receive only measure to keep stable, the market strategy goal of have sth in mind and Yu Changyuan of base oneself upon. China is in to beautiful export dry goods this year if quota of the end of the year can cancel as scheduled, if be added completely,Chinese product is exported to the United States, criterion American manufacturer may apply for " transfer period safeguard mechanism " or committee of international trade of requirement United States is carried out oppose allowance measure. Accordingly, chinese spin enterprise should look upon of ground of sensible ground, sex of the look up before having this kind of vicissitude of the market, the exit rhythm of product of timely adjusting control, avoid trade issue and friction.

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