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The Ministry of finance imports the heavy goods such as cotton of timely adjusti
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"We will clutch the situation of merchandise imports and exports that considers to have bigger effect to home market, especially depend on sb or sth for existence of big, foreign trade spends those domestic demand the entrance circumstance of the heavy goods with international market tall, high price, pay close attention to the key the entrance circumstance of the commodity such as cotton, commissariat, food at present. " further explanation says this chief. It is reported, since this year March, suffer global produce price to rise generally influence, sharp violent wind raises international cotton price, achieve 12 years to come new tall. Although domestic cotton price has small go up, but far not as good as extent of bullish of international cotton price, difference of price of domestic and international cotton begins deviate to close manage level. International cotton price dash forward go up to create greater pressure to industry of domestic spin garment, affect home market stability and cotton grower interest possibly further, this one problem already caused policy to make high attention of the branch.

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