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Policy adjusting control: Price of cotton of inside and outside at deviating fr
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One, Chinese government is frequent 2007 of agriculture products of market of adjusting control cotton but second birth sex, decided cotton to locate mediumly in the international trade strategy of each country: Limit an import namely, encourage export. Each Chinese policy that is aimed at cotton directly also is assure domestic cotton in order to be in to supply premise floor level to manufacture pily entrance, protection native cotton production and textile industry development are a purpose. Policy of slippery standard tax is one of the most fundamental policy that in recent years Chinese government implements in the light of pily market directly. Policy of slippery standard tax is first action is the tariff that raised entrance cotton at the quota inside custom duty relatively, raised the price of entrance cotton relatively, enhanced the competition ability of homebred cotton relatively then. Carry out from slippery on May 30, 2005 standard tax on December 31, 2007, mix with index of Cotlook Asia A consideration of policy of new 2007 slippery standard tax, average price is pick up the goods of haven of cotton of the entrance below slippery standard tax 12658 yuan / ton, average price is pick up the goods of haven of cotton of the entrance below 1% custom duty 11066 yuan / ton, average price difference is 1592 yuan / ton, the cost after slippery standard tax makes import pily duty rises 14.39% . Contemporaneity, with index of Cotlook Asia A computation slips average tax rate is standard tax 15.9% . Rise than pily tax rate is being imported inside quota 14.9% . The 2nd action of slippery standard tax is, because wave motion of international cotton price causes the space that imports pily price wave motion,compressed, abate the concussion that the cost advantage that because international cotton price drops,forms sells to domestic cotton. Carry out from slippery on May 30, 2005 standard tax value of cotton of the entrance below 1% custom duty is the greatest on December 31, 2007 amplitude is 44% , it is price of cotton of the entrance below slippery standard tax the biggest amplitude 2.2 times of 20% . 2, policy of slippery standard tax regards the core that dominates Chinese cotton market in recent years as policy, need policy of other form a complete set necessarily one of measure of its form a complete set are to make full use of national reserve. Policy of slippery standard tax reduced the enthusiasm of the cotton outside spin company entrance, also reduced the supply of domestic cotton at the same time, chinese government must use national reserve to adjust market supply and demand, in order to ensure domestic cotton supply, make sure pily price is fluctuant inside reasonable interval. During slippery standard tax is carried out, the country lays in close cast behavior to often will be changed, below the to January 26, 2007 the country buys the price to go low in domestic cotton situation since December 26, 2006, with standard class 12700 yuan / ton close to library price store Xinjiang cotton 300 thousand tons, stabilized seed cotton effectively to buy the price, protected cotton grower interest. Cotton of home of the middle ten days of a month supplied insecurity of occurrence end ministry in July 2007, spot price rises considerably, to stabilize the market, national usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price old cotton of sex of 300 thousand tons of policy, transfer smoothly what realized value of year of new old cotton, made sure the market is supplied, safeguarded spin company profit. Policy of the 2nd form a complete set is to provide pily subsidy. Slippery standard tax is imported in the cotton outside was being restricted on certain level, raised homebred cotton crop to become urgent matter, the cotton that so Chinese government offerred 500 million yuan of RMBs 2007 is thoroughbred allowance, for in those days pily crop rises have positive effect. Policy of the 3rd form a complete set is to increase what Chinese agriculture develops a bank to buy capital support. 2007 farming issue capital support to regard standard policy sex as loan, buy to assure seed cotton, enthusiasm of cotton of establish of protective cotton grower, make sure price of domestic cotton crop, stable cotton has crucial effect. In national policy the circumstance of market of frequent adjusting control falls, space of wave motion of domestic cotton price continued to narrow 2007. Domestic cotton price is top 2004 amplitude 6805 yuan / ton (the difference of year maximum price and minimum price, similarly hereinafter) ; Highest 2005 amplitude 2630 yuan / ton; Highest 2006 amplitude 2535 yuan / ton; Highest 2007 amplitude 1675 yuan / ton, 25% be 2004 year, 64% of 2005 year, 66% of 2006 year. Stable pily price is helpful for pily industry smooth transition, be helpful for spin enterprise planning production, be helpful for pily production cultivating. 3, seed cotton buys the price and lint cost price to deviate from, interest of protective cotton grower and stable lint price did not produce contradictory cotton to have different implication to agricultural product and industrial raw material. Regarding agricultural product as cotton is to point to seed cotton, and to cotton of industrial raw material it is to point to lint, the distinction between produces the cottonseed of grease and feed in Yu Nengsheng. Because food reached oil plants price to rise considerably 2007, cottonseed price broke up last year relatively time, make the pily price of two kinds of implication goes situation appear bigger difference. Came on September 1, 2007 seed cotton was bought centrally on December 31, 2007 period, the standard class seed cotton of 36% ginning outturn, 10% regain buys valence on average to be 2.98 yuan / jin, than 2006 2.6 yuan of the corresponding period / jin 0.38 yuan tall / jin, go up 14.6% . Came on September 1, 2007 seed cotton was bought centrally on December 31, 2007 period standard class lint buys cost price to be 13169 yuan on average / ton, than 2006 12444 yuan of the corresponding period / ton tall 5.8% . Cotton was bought centrally 2007 period rise considerably as a result of the abidance of cottonseed, make seed cotton price rises steadily, and lint buys cost price to keep basically smooth. Maintain the policy of national adjusting control with lint stable price to did not affect cotton grower earnings, interest of protective cotton grower and stable cotton price did not produce contradiction. 4, market of cotton of international, home at deviating from in tend consistent domestic cotton price kept basically stable 2007, index of Chinese cotton price by the beginning of the year 12900 yuan / ton rise 13500 yuan of year end / ton, go up 9% , maintain basically 2005 the smooth condition since second half of the year. And international cotton price followed international produce 2007 go up considerably raise and rise considerably, the index of COTLOOK Asia A that represents international cotton value by the 60 cent of the beginning of the year / the pound rises the 72 cent of year end / pound, go up 20% . From short-term outside see price of domestic and international cotton show strong inside deviate from firmly situation. But in the long run, cotton of inside and outside does not have duty value (do not contain the custom duty, value that does not contain value added tax) tend conform, cotton of inside and outside is differred without duty value by 4000 yuan of 2004 / ton drop 500 yuan to the end of 2007 / or so tons, outside the price advantage with huge cotton is lost basically. So, from go for a long time situation seeing value of domestic and international cotton is not to deviate from tend however agreed, either outside strong inside weak, however before Chinese cotton price is too high. 5, pily price stability makes total output innovation tall, the entrance decreases, self-sufficient rate rises the stable situation that as a result of the country policy of each adjusting control makes domestic cotton price maintained nearly 3 years to come, stable price stabilized cotton grower state of mind. Cotton sows an area to increase continuously, stability of domestic cotton total output rises, pily crop amounted to 7.8 million tons 2007, relatively raised nearly 1.5 million tons 2005. Of domestic cotton crop rise and the policy of slippery standard tax that cotton imports makes volume of import of the cotton outside 2007 is reduced considerably, by many tons 350 when imported an amount 2006, drop to be not worth 2.5 million tons. If press total output to add import volume to calculate,spin is measured with cotton (10.3 million tons of) , self-sufficient rate achieves homebred cotton 76% , spin rises considerably with the self-sufficient rate of cotton.

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