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Commerce of cotton of entrance of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor achieves th
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The policy advantage of storage of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor, settle comes before attracting large quantities of one storage companies that have actual strength domestic and internationally relatively. These enterprises are the port such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao not only important entrance cotton thing sheds storage business, and still Yi Dafu, Anlunbao waits for trader of international big cotton appoint pily storage company, their settle promoted free tax zone to import pily addition. Haven have the aid of develops to the textile such as Su Xichang the radiation advantage of the area, and the its distinctive storage that keep tax, cent assigns a function, not only benefit at goods fast and distributing center, and suit cotton more large-scale deposit small lot to divide those who move business to begin, offerred a large number of business chance for pily importer.

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