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Entrance of raw material of spin of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor breaks th
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According to statistic, this year first half of the year, entrance of raw material of spin of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor amounts to 207 thousand tons, value 380 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period grew respectively 18.1% with 39.8% . Among them cotton, PTA and woolen storage capacity achieved 128 thousand tons respectively, 39 thousand tons mix 17 thousand tons. Harbor free tax zone can be in Home Zhang grow quickly in recent years for Jiangsu the biggest, whole nation's main spin raw material imports base, main profit from the element of 3 respects.    Trade platform construction effect is distinct As free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor " area harbor linkage " the ceaseless development of pilot job, travelling merchant of China and foreign countries values free tax zone to develop prospect, come round to invest in succession build a warehouse, storehouse area expands ceaselessly, for free tax zone rapid development content shed course of study to create good condition. Because keep the sufficient play of duty storage function, spin raw material trades to see appearance, autograph make an appointment with by the inquiry on the net in the past, abroad, producing area ships, the multiple link such as domestic pick up the goods, the change protects real money of duty storehouse spot to clinch a deal to domestic free tax zone to deliver goods directly, this makes so conduction autograph is made an appointment with, L/C, deliver goods the time that waits for formalities is compressed considerably, procurement cycle shortened from 3 months previously 3 days, both sides of supply and demand can gain many advantage from which. Good thing sheds environment and advantage trade mode is being attracted more and more a large amount of spin raw material begin storage and content to flow into the area run.    Area position dominant position is prominent The rapid development of base of raw material of spin of entrance of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor returns the haven advantage with advantaged profit from and area advantage. Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor is located in textile relatively the long triangle that develop, not only the textile magnate such as group of near neighbour Hua Fang, bay ocean group, sunshine group, and provincial from Jiangsu the Nanjing of city of exit of 5 big spin, Suzhou, highway transportation time that does not have stannum, Changzhou and Nantong all is in two hours of less than, communication is easy. The warehouse of nearly 200 thousand square metre builds not only inside the area, and dock of a container of 30 thousand tons of class is in construction. As the whole nation exclusive " area harbor syncretic " free tax zone, have the distinctive storage that keep tax, cent to assign a function, not only benefit at goods fast and distributing center, and suit spin raw material more large-scale deposit small lot to divide those who move business to begin, offerred a large number of business chance for importer of spin raw material.   
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