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Innovation of entrance of cotton of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor is tall
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Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, the main reason that cotton of entrance of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor grows considerably is: As free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor " area harbor linkage " the ceaseless development of pilot job, and storage of free tax zone and policy advantage, settle comes before attracting large quantities of one storage companies that have actual strength domestic and internationally relatively. Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor is in charge of appoint meeting and discrepancy condition examine the branch such as quarantine, custom cooperates cheek by jowl, whole thrust trades into raw material of spin of free tax zone each job that the market builds. Cotton of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor trades nowadays of the market build, pily commerce was enjoyed trade inside the area, have sex inside the area, pay tax inside the area, what pay inside the area and deserve to send inside the area is all-around favourable service; Cotton trades of the market build, it is what countrywide cotton trafficker offerred quick, fairness to trade platform, before attracting business of large quantities of foreign traders, importer, storage better, will invest door.

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