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Content shedding promotes dry goods of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor fast
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Hanged out his shingle on June 18 this year from market of spin raw material since, mere 5 many months, inside the market add newly register a business many 70, gross achieves 146, add 15 newly every months on average to register a client, add newly register capital to exceed 400 million yuan, especially enterprise of the heavyweight inside a few course of study, if fine horse amounts to be an official of times of content shedding, the Yangtse River, ease road, medium be in harmony enter in succession, promoted the consequence of the market greatly. In the meantime, the market trades active, clinch a deal the forehead already broke through 3 billion yuan, the taxation that finish exceeds 30 million yuan, market of spin raw material already became the puissant magnet that attracts textile content to flow. The haven advantage with the rapid development advantaged profit from of raw material of spin of entrance of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor and area advantage. Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor is located in textile relatively the long triangle that develop, border not only the textile magnate such as Hua Fang group, bay ocean group, sunshine group, and provincial from Jiangsu the Nanjing of city of exit of 5 big spin, Suzhou, highway transportation time that does not have stannum, Changzhou and Nantong all is in two hours of less than, communication is easy. The warehouse of nearly 200 thousand square metre builds not only inside the area, and own a container commercial and transportation center of 30 thousand tons of class. As the whole nation exclusive " area harbor syncretic " free tax zone, have the distinctive storage that keep tax, cent to assign a function, not only benefit at goods fast and distributing center, and suit spin raw material more large-scale deposit small lot to divide those who move business to begin, offerred a large number of business chance for importer of spin raw material. Abroad sells the home, home to buy the home to be able to complete trade of simple, convenient, direct merchandise on hand inside the area, compare traditional international trade, shortened greatly trade time, reduced cost. Allan treasure of the United States, Yikamu, medium inferior Biekesitan, Jierjisisitan is in Wu Ci cotton was begun to keep tax inside the area. The meeting of auction of 4 international abb that holds successfully this year especially and international of two spin raw material trade information communication is met, enlarged the force of the market further. Cao Wei of general manager of market of raw material of spin of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor introduces, market of textile raw material is Zhang Jia harbor free tax zone is in charge of appoint can take seriously highly with great quantity project, it is chemical industry of afterwards free tax zone is tasted trade the canal after the market appoint the another area that can build trades platform, relevant section supports develop yarn fabric to flow to also give energetically, into a piece of calling card that attracts content shedding. If custom sets, the company that creates inside the market can be avoided set bail stage account, avoid get manual, the product can be avoided in the sale inside free tax zone pay value added tax, use partial entrance to expect when the product sale in domestic market of a treatment, pay the stuff outside the condition only custom duty and value added tax. In addition, custom declares at customs to area of goods pass in and out can adopt " concentration declares at customs, give a division group by group " , still can ask to execute according to the enterprise " act according to actual circumstances " type is checked and make an appointment 24 hours involve a service, the service move that these human nature change makes the enterprise enjoys huge to facilitate. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry allows to use fictitious house bugle call to register, check branch takes the country " sampling, examine quarantine, sanitation manages except harm, collect fees, visa discharged " administrative pattern, reduced content to spread cost greatly, raised content velocity of flow to spend. In addition the market invests many yuan 500, examining below the support of quarantine branch, built character of top-ranking cotton, abb to sign a lab, changed area of Home Zhang harbor to have the awkward situation that the market signs without character thoroughly, went to the lavatory greatly content sorts development.

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