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Home Zhang harbor imports rate of Indian cotton short weight to achieve record h
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10-11 month, enterprise of Home Zhang Gang Mou divided 15 batches to import cotton of nearly 5000 tons of India directly from bank of Home Zhang harbor, 28800 packets, goods is worth amount 7.48 million dollar. Home Zhang harbor examines after quarantine bureau accepts newspaper check, send instantly examine quarantine personnel undertakes to cotton to enterprise and storehouse the spot examines quarantine, approve via chasing chase Bao Heng to weigh, discover pily weight lack is serious. Examine quarantine personnel immediately is right already judge the cotton of heavy end has review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, the result is accurate without by accident. Classics of cotton of these 15 batches of India examines weight lack adds up to 188.7 tons, goods is worth amount two hundred and eighty-five thousand nine hundred dollar, rate of highest short weight is 8.33% , rate of average short weight is 3.92% . Home Zhang harbor examines quarantine bureau already provided letter of weight claim for compensation to going out now, amount of claim for compensation two hundred and eighty-five thousand nine hundred dollar. According to examining quarantine personnel is analysed, the reason of pily short weight basically is in last few years wave motion of international cotton price is bigger, cause when pily price should go up, lack of weight of cotton of delivery of partial cotton trafficker. Additional, indian cotton with cheap price advantage market of cotton of rapid and occupational international, amount of exit China cotton also grows ceaselessly (be next to American) , subsequently and come the problem of pily weight and quality also grow in quantity. Examine quarantine branch reminds unit of money of entrance cotton expropriation, entrance cotton should notice the following two respects: Above all, want supplier of as good as the credit on international cotton to have trade, because weight difference brings needless loss,avoid. Next, when signing entrance cotton contract, should press " in cotton assist clause " do business. To weight difference made specific provision in this clause, the difference of landed weight and contract weight needs range in contract allow inside, press contract price settle accounts; The much outfit share that exceeds contract allow difference, buyer has authority rejection; The little outfit share that exceeds contract allow difference is worth the 15% compensation of amount to give the buying party by its goods, through punishing sexual compensation, make pily trafficker strictly observe agreement and trade regulation.

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