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Market of raw material of spin of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor is prospero
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Market of raw material of spin of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor is located in center of long triangle geometry, the circumjacent Jiang Yin, textile assemble that having and other places of hill of stannum, Nantong, Changzhou, desolate is our country spends highest area, whole area is vast to demand of spin raw material. Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor has standard type storehouse 300 thousand square metre, not only benefit the storage at goods and be helpful for fast and distributing center, trade to still postpone the imposition of a tax or levy imports the favourable policy such as link duty, derate country tax inside free tax zone at the same time. 2007, free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor enters area cotton one hundred and ninety-seven thousand five hundred tons, cotton giving a division 210 thousand tons, wool of the argali that enter an area many tons 40 thousand, PTA is close 70 thousand tons, flax 12 thousand tons. The domestic high grade cotton that is a delegate with Xinjiang cotton at present begins to enter storage of free tax zone in great quantities, trade, at the same time American Allan treasure, Wu Ci fastens company of Ke Sitan cotton, Australia well-known company participated in the numerous abroad such as Wool Secretarian of Aideshi, New Zealand the spin raw material of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor runs an activity. The controller of the market expresses, the effort that strives to pass 2 ~ 3 years, make the market the spin raw material with growing triangle the largest area divide batch of base.

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