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The treatment at the beginning of Australian abb and environmental management gr
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Current, free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor already became the throughout the country's biggest spin raw material to import one of distribution centre, it is China's biggest entrance abb distribution centre, apparent to growing the radiation function of trigonometry area and even whole nation. 2007, bank of Home Zhang harbor enters condition abb more than tons 80 thousand, enter wool of argali of free tax zone among them fifty-four thousand three hundred tons, exit abb eleven thousand six hundred tons. Groom this in the process, the personage inside the line of business of wool spinning industry that Australian abb expands the technical personnel of the company to be countrywide each district explained to detect about woolen coloured and thick accent fiber, machine environmental management, and the assurance of abb quality circumstance bulletin. The personage inside the trade of wool spinning trade that allows countrywide each district through grooming this had more information and method to woolen treatment, the personage inside each course of study also is opposite this grooming is satisfactory very.

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