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New Application Group seeks to respond to the new value of flax textile raw mat
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"Linen textile raw material prices, a number of linen weaving factory is indeed a lot of pressure, many have already have the fare increase." Wu Jiang Xinshen Holdings Ltd chairman Li Senlin said, and even apply for a new group that has a middle of the flax mill, to the downstream plants and flax linen clothing brands for flax plant, also felt the impact of rising raw materials recently linen. Lisen Lin said, but fortunately, several years ago, the company ahead of the formulation of development strategies, the Group has developed a new application linen fabric, linen fabric textile fabrics and linen bags and other new products. Advocate a new concept of green flax textile, green flax textile technology has begun to gradually penetrate into all aspects of the company and processes. Group has been committed to the promotion of new applications of flax culture, R & D green, green linen, promote low-carbon life, high-tech as the support, the introduction of new products Flax. New Application Group has the best allocation of resources and flax spinning, weaving, clothing to facilitate the integration of operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency in the inventive. "We also began to choose to use hemp fiber, ramie fiber and other textile raw materials like flax spinning, weaving, also include the use of jute and other research and development of new materials, new technologies, new processes to reduce costs." Lisen Lin said that for such traditional linen textile enterprises, research and innovation is playing an increasingly critical role. Technology is the product of the soul. New Application Group, a year from more than 500 million into technology research and development. The company has been identified as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprises. The company has identified the provincial Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Province, Linen Textile Engineering Center, and Suzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission finds Linen Textile Technology Research Center. Currently, companies rely on independent R & D already has 148 patents, of which 2 invention patents, utility model patents 6, 140 design patents. Donghua University to develop the company with the "functional fabrics flax" technology at the international advanced level. New Application Group's net assets is based on the accumulation and development of enterprises OEM OEM (OEM), but in the face of linen textile raw materials prices, RMB appreciation, labor shortages, power rationing power, uncertain trading environment and other risk situations , the new applications people become increasingly aware of, innovative independent brands is seeking new business development, the only way to seek business breakthroughs. Chinese flax industry today, and always hovering in the brand, but is not sure because of the nature of flax industry culture. Time to develop the material wealth of today's large, linen and other textiles is no longer just a warm modesty of the items is more important is the expression of self-wearer, is the kind of attitude of self-appreciation is the value of a cultural identity. Li Senlin proposed development of the industry need to import flax culture gene, when transformed into a linen flax industry, culture, industry, the arrival of spring is the time for flax. New Application Group do a good job, so deep, and strong production and processing at the same time, actively expand their own brand building. New Application Group currently has a "new application Xinshen" own brand, brand operations steadily linen fabrics and linen clothing and common development.
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