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The dollar is fatigued and weak drive price of New Zealand abb to rise
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New Zealand abb serves international limited company to report, in the abb sale that surprises in Kelaisiteche recently, abb price basically consolidates, outside dividing partial fine fur.
Since August 21, new Zealand yuan the exchange rate that is the same as dollar and euro dropped 1.5% , but mix with flower money bay yuan exchange rate keeps changeless.

Of commerce and Australian market fatigued and weak the price fall that micron branch waits for in making 2%-4% , and good thick abb got powerful support, the abb of most type rises.

The abb of fine poodle and 32-35 micron rose 1% . Thick carpet abb rose 1.5% , long poodle grew 1%-2% . Short poodle price rose 2%-3% .

Offer the lamb's wool with minor volume to still keep stable. Long broken hair rose 1%-2% , the broken wool of short type rose 2%-4% .

Because adverse weather condition lasts, poodle plans to defer, at the same time sheep the amount drops, fleshy sheep offers merit to be restricted, bring about the sale that surprised in Kelaisiteche on September 4 to cancel.

Of north and southern island next time abb sale will undertake on September 11, 12000 packets of abb were offerred in Napierdi, surprise in Kelaisiteche offerred about 12000 packets of abb. The detailed weekly that New Zealand abb served international company to announce New Zealand abb to auction a trend is accused.

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