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Custom of Home Zhang harbor aids force wool company to answer predicament
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On July 31, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state is given out jointly " the announcement that waits for partial commodity to export drawback to lead about adjusting textile dress " , since August 1, 2008, the exit of partial textile, dress drawback is led by 11% rise 13% . Adjust downstream to industrial catenary knitting and garment industry this to have good to immediate profit effect, but the upriver spin enterprise such as abb treatment still faces dilemma. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, custom of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor takes step, the abb inside help area machines an enterprise to answer predicament.
“ go up this rate of v mouth drawback has not involve abb to process a business, to answer predicament, avoid prediction of a person's luck in a given year of skilled worker worker, our company is forced to adopt a week start working 5 days to rest two days, reduce the means such as product line to come lash-up, but this is not long-term plan. The controller of enterprise of some wool spinning is opposite free tax zone of harbor of Home ” Home Zhang the current situation expresses anxiety.

2003~2007 year during, imported equipment of many wool spinning business inside free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor, expand produce can. Since this year, spin export market is fatigued and weak, about to give birth of numerous business area can superfluous, capital cannot the predicament such as corner of have enough to meet need, goods. The adjustment that numerous abb machines an enterprise to be able to send a hope to export drawback policy at downstream product only will conduce to increase export, spur demand, the development of industry of wool spinning of the upper reaches in be being driven secondhand.

Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor has sky, bay abundant at present, assist many large abb such as friend processes a business, it is the whole nation's famous abb concentration is produced and export base, 2007 abb of free tax zone export volume occupies countrywide abb 35.8% what export gross, abb treatment company produces atrophy to will affect the macroeconomic development of free tax zone. Custom of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor develops to promote abb to process a business, adopted positive step to help a company. Custom offers “ for the enterprise inside the area one-stop ” serves, be aimed at abb the situation that exit measures big, sailing date to tighten, let an enterprise be declared beforehand to custom, custom basis asks overwork check is put, carry out card mouth 24 hours check is put, close in order to ensure the enterprise can be connected in time, reduce company cost, offer for wool company excellent service and convenient close.

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