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Situation of 2008 entrances cotton analyses meeting and commerce to negotiate me
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Situation of 2008' entrance cotton analyses meeting and commerce to negotiate can be in afternoon on May 9, 2008 assembly room of market of spin raw material is held, 100 heart luck thinks of Hua Fang group of custom of free tax zone of harbor of association of spin of cotton of check of attendant country having a province, China, Home Zhang, China, India group of double hill of group of cultivate of company, Xinjiang farming, Jiangsu and personnel of trade each unit.

Director Wu told about the check that save a country presidents of 100 De Ruisai company described analysis of quality of Jiangsu entrance cotton and India Indian cotton is in China spin developing part

President of group of Xinjiang farming cultivate was told about in inferior pily competition advantage and quality analysis and vice-chairman of association of Chinese cotton spinning stated enterprise of Chinese cotton spin to live to the environment changes and answer strategy

General manager of Chinese Hua Fang group is shallow the challenge that general manager of group of double hill of the cotton that talked about each to basically produce cotton country and character and Jiangsu told about enterprise of current cotton spin to be faced with and good luck

The policy that custom of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor unscrambled cotton spinning enterprise to begin improvement trade and overlay of function of region of special inspect abbacy and both sides of spot client commerce signed commerce contract

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