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Pily ABC
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1, what is pily regain? How to calculate?

Answer: Regain is the moisture content that in pointing to cotton, contains and the percent that do fiber weight. Regain and moisture content are different, moisture content is the per cent of the moisture content that in pointing to cotton, contains and wet fiber weight. GB regulation, cotton is fair decide regain for 8.5% , top limit is regain 10.5% . Specific computation formula is: Regain = (wet fiber weight - dry fiber weight) / ×100 of dry fiber weight. The regain in real work is to use report to measure implement the law determines.

2, what is percentage of impurity? How to determine?

Answer: If the blame such as skin of carapace of sandy soil, branches and leaves, bell, soft seed endangers the scale with sundry sex,percentage of impurity points to those who contain cotton is medium. GB stipulates percentage of impurity of toothed cotton standard is 2.5% . Cotton wool foreign matter is used commonly in real work analytic machine determines cotton wool percentage of impurity.

3, what is a harm is the gender sundry?

Answer: Harm sex is sundry it is pair of cotton in pointing to interfuse cotton treatment, use and what pily quality has serious effect is hard sundry and soft sundry, like stone of metal, brick, chemical fiber, silk, hemp, hair, plastic rope, cloth piece wait for fiber of opposite sex fiber or coloured. GB regulation: Sex of forbidden interfuse harm is sundry in cotton.

4, what is opposite sex fiber? What harm is there?

Answer: Does  of the Song Dynasty of charm of cook over a slow fire invade this Gao ㄖ to thank stir-fry before stewing to embrace head of  of the Song Dynasty of clang of  of ⒍ of  of the Song Dynasty of act   to knock  of Piao charm the Song Dynasty to still swim is mace able to bear or endure noisy  of the Song Dynasty of  of orangutan of handsome ⒂ of Chu of ⒙ of ⅰ of  of ⒚ of  of celestial being of handsome ⑺ of call on of  of exhausted  damask silk ancienting name for a water catltrop?

Cotton is used in discovery is mixed have opposite sex fibrous, can apply for to examine to professional fiber inspection agency. When examining, random to opening packet of cotton draw-out a bale of cotton of 5% , chase packet of choose opening a bag, did not discover opposite sex fibrous, “ is made clear to did not discover in column of ” of fiber of certification “ opposite sex”; Discovery is mixed have opposite sex fiber or coloured fibrous, make according to the amount demote processing.

5, the ginning outturn that what is cotton? What is the main factor that affects ginning outturn?

Answer: Pily ginning outturn states seed cotton machines the scale of lint. Normal time, pily ginning outturn is 36%-40% , that is to say, 100 kilograms of seed cotton can machine a 36-40 kilogram lint.

The fiber of the discretion of ginning outturn and area of seminal surface unit is counted, fiber accident, fiber degree of finish becomes direct ratio, become inverse ratio with seminal weight. It basically suffers the effect with breed characteristic heredity, condition and the cotton boll such as the lukewarm, light during also getting fiber growth at the same time, water, fertilizer are worn the influence of strange place, but opposite for stabler. The variety with high ginning outturn can be amounted to 45% the left and right sides, degenerative breed ginning outturn has 30% to control only, lower even.
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