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The characteristic of cotton fabric and breed
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(one) the characteristic of cotton fabric
Cotton fabric is the cloth that shows with blending of bombazine or cotton and cotton chemical fibber yarn is woven. It has a few more the following characteristic:
1. Hygroscopic strong, washing shrinkage is bigger, it is 4 "10% about.
2. Alkali resistance is not acid-proof. Cotton cloth is extremely flabby to inorganic acid calm, make already very rare vitriolic also can make its are destroyed, but organic acid action is faint, rise scarcely destroy effect. Cotton cloth relatively alkali resistance, general rare alkaline do not produce effect to cotton cloth below normal temperature, but after alkali action, cotton cloth intensity can drop. Chang Li handles cotton cloth with the caustic soda fluid of 20% , cotton cloth of ” of attainable “ the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics.
3. Light resistance, hear resistance is general. In sunshine and air cotton cloth is oxidized adagio, make puissant drop. Action of long-term high temperature can make cotton cloth is sufferred destroy, but its can be able to bear or endure suffer processing of brief high temperature of 125 "150 ℃ .
4. Microbial have to cotton fabric destroy effect. The watch is not able to bear or endure now mould.
(2) the breed of cotton fabric
1. Pure cotton fabric
Pure cotton fabric is woven by pure bombazine line, fabric breed is various, design and color each different. It can be unbleached cotton cloth, coloring cotton cloth, calico, coloured weave fabric by coloring means cent; Also can organize structural cent to be cloth of tabby cloth, grain of damask, forge by fabric.
⑴ unbleached cotton cloth is blanched without the course, the cotton cloth that printing and dyeing machines processing and has colour and lustre of natural cotton fibrous calls unbleached cotton cloth. The thick fractionize that it can raise according to gauze is city cloth, coarse cloth, delaine, their characteristic is: Cloth body is strong and level off of thick, cloth cover, durable, washing shrinkage is bigger. Usable make bed sheet cloth, semifinished product complementary makings or shirting.
⑵ poplin poplin is the main breed of cotton cloth, hold silk style concurrently. Its quality of a material is fine and rich burnish, bright of cloth body softness slips, dress holds out draw together comfortable, weave with plain weave. The characteristic on poplin organization structure is: Warp density is one times bigger than weft density the left and right sides, the warp on cloth cover shows a face to accumulate over weft, its are raised the part forms apparent lozenge grain in cloth cover exterior, what its use together with gauze raises quality taller, because clarity of grain of this cloth cover, grain is full, bright and clean close together. But poplin fabrics has one big drawback, the dress that uses its tailor namely is easy appear fore-and-aft crackle, because poplin classics, filling density differs,this is very big, the intensity between classics, weft is lopsided, cause via be more than broadwise intensity to intensity the result of nearly one times.
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