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Cotton fiber general situation
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Cotton fiber is the main raw material of our country textile industry, it has very important place in spin fiber. Our country is the world basically produces one of cotton countries what go up, current, the pily crop of our country already entered world foremost list. Of our country cotton cultivate spread all over the whole nation almost. Give priority to with the Huanghe valley and catchment of the Yangtse River among them, mix plus region of river of northwest inland, distant Hua Na, in all division of 5 big cotton.
Cotton is an annual plant mostly. It is become by the cuticular cell growth that causes on pily seed. Cotton fibrous can be divided all the year round to extend long-term, add thick period and turn music period 3 phase. Cotton is a lot of more phyletic, basically press classification of the following two kinds of methods at present.
1. presses breed classification of cotton
(1) medium staple cotton: Medium staple cotton weighs terrestrial cotton again. Fiber line density and length are medium, average length is 25 "35mm, line density is 2.12" 1.56 Dtex(4700 "6400 fair) the left and right sides, puissant control in 4.5cN. The cotton that our country grows at present belongs to this kind mostly.
(2) grows cotton of cloth with soft nap: Cotton of long fine hair calls island cotton again. Fiber is thin and long, average length is in 33mm above, line density is in 1.54 "1.18dtex(6500" 8500 is fair) the left and right sides, puissant in 4.0cN above. Its quality is good, basically use at the work out fine the classy bombazine at 10tex. Current, our country is cultivated less, outside growing cotton of cloth with soft nap except Xinjiang, of the entrance basically Egypt cotton, Sudan cotton waits.
In addition, still have the short staple cotton with dumpy fiber, at present already hasten falls into disuse.
2. presses cotton classification is machined first
What collect from inside cotton field is seed cotton, cannot undertake spin is machined directly, must make be machined first first, be about to the cottonseed eliminate in seed cotton, get lint. The treatment at the beginning of this weighs cotton ginning again. After cotton ginning of seed cotton classics, the weight of earning lint occupies the percentage of weight of original seed cotton to say ginning outturn is led. Ginning outturn rate is 30%-40% commonly
By treatment method differs first, cotton can divide toothed cotton and roller ginned cotton.
(1) toothed cotton: Use toothed gin to machine gotten lint to weigh toothed cotton. Toothed cotton is contained miscellaneous, contain short fine hair length of little, fiber is more orderly, yield is high. But fiber length slants short, defect of make friends labour is much. Current, medium staple cotton uses toothed gin mostly.
(2) roller ginned cotton: Use leather roller gin to machine gotten lint to weigh roller ginned cotton. Roller ginned cotton is contained miscellaneous, contain short fine hair much, fiber length is orderly spend difference, yield is low. But fiber length operation is small, defect of make friends labour is little, but have Huang Gen. Leather roller gin is appropriate wait at growing cotton of cloth with soft nap, elementary cotton.
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