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Knowledge of spinning raw material
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What concept is fibrous spinnability?

Spin fiber has a few as difficult as yarn character, spinning easy concerned integrated physics function, call spinnability can. In normal production the condition falls, fibrous spinnability can be better, the quality that become gauze is better, and spinning treatment is easier also. The method of spinning is different, the character that spins a yarn and to fiber spinnability can the requirement is endless also and identical. Contemporary spinning can be to fiber spinnability according to product quality and technical economic norms two respects case comes of assess. All sorts of individual physics function are opposite fibrous its spinnability can be influential.

Length: Long and natural fiber is orderly when been spend, the intensity tall ﹑ of gauze surface of dry even ﹑ is bright and clean ﹑ Mao Yu is little. Length is decision spinnability can main factor. Besides main body length, short staple content is mixed to spun yarn intensity the impact of a dry uniformity is bigger. Length of chemical staple fiber and orderly degree all controallable. Length is too long not only won't improve gauze quality, can cause treatment difficulty instead and increase yarn defect.

Fineness: Fiber is thin, into gauze work even, puissant tall. But fiber is too thin, easy twist together forms the fiber in treatment the defect such as cotton knot, Mao Li. Fiber is thick, fabric endure with all one's might, wear-resisting and flexibility are good. Wait for thicker natural fiber to wool ﹑ hemp, fineness and it is decision spinnability can main factor. Abb fiber decides according to the diameter its can spin number. Fineness the main basis that also is abb grade assess.

Intensity: It is the mainest factor that decides yarn intensity, when other condition is changeless, fiber intensity also is jumped over higher into gauze intensity tall.

Foreign matter and defect: Foreign matter and defect affect spinning craft and product quality. Although have,miscellaneous measure is removed in spinning working procedure, but the further division that still can create foreign matter in eliminating miscellaneous process and new defect arise. Because this raw material is medium content of foreign matter defect is higher, spinnability can be poorer.

Candle of the candy portion in cotton fiber, cotton, hemp kind the hemp glue in fiber. Can affect fibrous spinnability, affect spinning craft and product quality thereby.

The metropolis such as attrition of curly, fibrous and electric function affects fiber fibrous spinnability can.

According to what principle group is cotton approved?

The group of the lint that become a parcel approves regulation to set more in detail. Group of the lint that become a parcel is approved should grand of mark of class of grade of means of type, cotton ginning, main body, length, main body is worth class identical. The type here is to point to Bai Mian, Huang Mian, gray cotton; Cotton ginning means is to point to roller ginned cotton, toothed cotton.
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