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Knowledge of spinning raw material
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Set in original standard: “ is same in approving cotton, the cotton of grade of adjacent of photograph of be patient of 34% , when exceeding this number, part of one's job fastens valuation ” . To improve pily quality, set in new standard: “ is same in approving cotton, not the cotton that be patient of crosses main body grade; With the cotton of grade of adjacent of photograph of main body grade scale must not exceed 20% . The person that not agree with should carry a bag to arrange or negotiate processing ” . New standard abolished the “34/66” with original unreasonable standard sets, this also is new standard one of content of major reform.

The person that the “ here nots agree with should carry a bag to arrange or negotiating processing ” say in the light of two kinds of circumstances. Examine to visa firstly, when pily group is approved, if examine,discover grade not to accord with new standard to ask, should carry a bag to arrange, make requirement of up to standard of grade of this batches of cotton rear but group approve a card. Be like: Main body grade is 3 class, be patient of 2 class and the cotton of 4 class, and 2 class and 4 class the sum must not exceed 20% , in this batch of cotton, not be patient of 2, 3, the cotton of the other official rank in feudal times beyond 4 class. When cotton gives evidence, the cotton that once appear,crosses main body grade or the sum of 2 class, 4 class exceeds 20% , ask to carry a bag to arrange, make should approve pily grade to accord with standard requirement. Just examine to using secondly and character, if use,just examine discover pily quality does not accord with standard quality to ask, should with just negotiate processing for goods. Of course, do not talk things over, can apply for to examine to professional fiber inspection agency, give the certification that occupy to be with professional fiber inspection agency accurate.

Group by group cotton can distribute card, divide what the cotton after card presses original letter to examine to be calculated as a result. Batch with batch between unfavorable add up to card. When to fragmentary cotton need adds up to card, must class of grade of means of type, cotton ginning, main body, length and grand of main body mark are worth class identical. The regain between bag and bag differs not to exceed 1% , percentage of impurity differs not to exceed 0.5% . Above condition must be had entirely, just can add up to card, cannot add up to card otherwise. The regain after adding up to card, percentage of impurity is pressed suttle add authority to be calculated on average.

How to reduce cost matching cotton?

In equipment respect: Hold the normal and mechanical position of each working procedure, it is correct processing rises quality and managing the fundamental premise that uses the contradiction between cotton. Written guarantee to cotton especially foreign matter and managing the contradiction that uses cotton, must maintain comb ” of 5 fast surely mixes the “ of cotton law of the operation that wear a pin, this is an all in all fundamental sex job, often must clutch. In addition, strengthen fall cotton experiments, in the light of fall cotton circumstance, comb to Qing Dynasty fall white machine stage undertakes the overhaul in time, also be from equipment respect managing a when use cotton regular measure.
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