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Knowledge of spinning raw material
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In craft respect: 1. Rise clear to comb each machine is divided miscellaneous efficiency and fall cotton percentage of impurity. Scutching each machine (except of cotton box machinery) fall cotton percentage of impurity asks to master in 60% above, low have fall white phenomenon. Of scutching machine can achieve except miscellaneous efficiency requirement 65% , of abdomen of the car after card fall cotton adds up to miscellaneous rate to ask to achieve 40% , low have fall white phenomenon. Of card always ask to achieve 92% above except miscellaneous efficiency. If short of asks, must go up in craft, measure is adopted to improve on machinery. 2. Make clear comb reasonable burden falls according to cotton wool function cotton. If cotton wool maturity is good, fineness thicker, a long time of tiny flaw is little and bulky impurity, fall more at scutching aptly, comb cotton falls less; Conversely, if cotton wool maturity is wrong, fineness fine, when petty impurity is much and bulky foreign matter is little, criterion scutching is unfavorable fall more, should it is advisable that with combing cotton falls more. 3. Decrease clear, comb, , thick the generation of short fine hair in each working procedure. Short fine hair is to be in cotton earthnut long process and undesirable cotton ginning machines the generation in the process, but in cotton spinning each working procedure is machined still can continue to arise in the process, scutching working procedure arises about 1% , comb cotton working procedure makes an appointment with generation 3% , this is normal phenomenon, if as a result of mechanical condition undesirable, craft is designed undeserved and generation short fine hair is overmuch (be in even a roughcast foreword is medium also can arise) , that can cause flying to cross much, rings to increase, the malady such as grow in quantity of broken end of dry aggravation, spun yarn, affect the crop of the product, quality and cost consequently. Accordingly, must consider how to be cotton spinning in each working procedure as far as possible the increment rate that reduces short fine hair, basically capture in mechanical state field the following two link: (1) Qing Dynasty combs the blow of each machine, cent combs component is accomplished sharp, bright and clean, lie between be apart from correct; (2) reduce the make friends evil spirit, chance that returns flower, return fire.

Handling a side: Tear open a bag to begin from scutching, whether does the operation of each type of work press each working procedure operating rules undertakes, not only to quality, and very as big as cost influence. For example, the generation that answer a flower is overmuch, often cause, meet those who cause artificial, motivation to wait for cost cost increase; When chemical fibber and pure cotton blending, master formulary blending ratio correctly, also often concern with the operation. If blending product and pure cotton product operate inadvertent interblend, cause quality accident, criterion the problem is more serious.
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