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Knowledge of spinning raw material
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The side handles in cotton waste: Reasonable time with reoccupy cotton. Replace cotton wool with reoccupy cotton, this is one of important ways that reduce the cost that use cotton. Alleged and reasonable time with reoccupy cotton, it is to point to above all should pass processing, it is to point to a dosage to want to be controlled somewhat next, lest affect quality. It is knot of medium impurity, harmful to reoccupy cotton defect, cotton, short fine hair commonly first classics is proper and cleared, answer next with. This some is OK raising time with, can fall for the most part time with. The flower that copy a needle, combing includes to fall here cotton and can answer the flower of only car abdomen that is used at low coarse yarn, number one to defeat seed to wait. When arrangement plans, can spin with a few machine stages make thick date gauze or deputy card yarn, the reoccupy cotton that can produce this business so is answered in him enterprise as far as possible with, this pair of gather into one that drop whole industry are pulled be measured with cotton and all have profit with cotton cost.

Rigorous management becomes the temperature and humidity between the bag. The time that resurgence determines and frequency should according to baling time is decided with the frequency, be in especially atmosphere humidity should notice more below higher case. Report measures resurgence appearance and platform scale to want often desired result, scale should have person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of. Shake fixed length of gauze gauze casing determines corrective it is very important also to wait. Had done afore-mentioned works, avoid occurrence weight loss.

The function test of natural colour cotton and spinnability how?

Although natural colour cotton has longer crop the history, but as a result of its crop length of low, fiber is puissant and short, low reason, long-term since progress is slow. Advocate as the mankind in recent years green environmental protection, health and managing the sources of energy, apply extensively at breeding technology as technology of contemporary gene project, the integrated character of natural color cotton just gets be improved apparently and rising.

From look on the whole, the equestrian clone of breed of natural color cotton is worth on the low side, fineness and fine, rupture more inferior than intensity, dirt of cotton knot, cotton and matter content are apparent on the high side, but maturity does not have apparent difference however; The physical machinery function of natural color cotton mixes majority Xinjiang integrated quality is good, have better spinnability.

The new variety cotton that already finalized the design in 4 breed, cotton of brown department new variety fastens new variety cotton 1 number with green 3 length with be had better, fineness, length is orderly degree reach maturity, integrated quality is better, spinnability coefficient is taller, spinnability is better.
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