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Knowledge of spinning raw material
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Xinjiang is natural function of machinery of the physics in chromatic cotton is best is miscellaneous actor 224, besides contain the miscellaneous, prep above that contain dirt common outside this white cotton, each index is close to the others or excel is common this white cotton, especially fiber 2. Index of 5% span length not only excel is common this Bai Mian breed, and be close to new breed this white cotton, had good integrated quality and spinnability.

Xinjiang is natural integrated quality is poorer in chromatic cotton is green 402, its fiber length is the shortest, length is orderly degree the poorest, short staple content is highest under 16 Mm, intensity lowest, quality is poorer, spinnability can be inferior, remain at be being improved further.

Repeat catharsis treatment to be able to deepen the colour and lustre of natural color cotton. Brown cotton relatively green cotton colour and lustre is even, insolate below sunlight, brown cotton colour and lustre will be deepened, and green cotton will fade.

Can chemical fiber replace natural fiber?

Cotton, hemp, silk, wool regards traditional sense as the 4 big natural fiber that go up, in dress the history that there already were a few chiliads on applied history. Going up century before 80 time, natural fiber returns market of fabrics of exclusive all the time and high-grade clothing. But since 80 time later period, as a result of chemical fiber especially synthetic fibre fabric is in of the performance side such as its heat, wet comfortable sex, feel, burnish and exterior improve, the position of product closing minute promotes gradually. The product exterior of product of hair of silk of cotton of copy of a few chemical fibber, copy, copy and take likeness of function and natural fiber fabric, and certain take property even excel is natural fiber. Because this gets of consumer dote on, chemical fiber output grows quickly, cause natural fibrous proportion to drop somewhat, but the proportion that still holds half above.

Can be natural fiber replaced by chemical fiber place stage by stage? In fact, consumer mentally more favore at natural fiber, want performance only not under chemical fibber product, consumer still can choose natural fiber product. But on the development level that natural fabrics cannot keep before, fabrics of current and natural fiber from below a few respects are improved and develop.

One, gene mutation, performance improvement: Natural fiber and gene project phase are united in wedlock, changed natural fibrous true colors, expanded fibrous uses range, increased they and chemical fibrous competition ability. For example; Through the method such as mutation of cross, gene development went to have natural shallow the chromatic cotton of the color such as yellow, green, pink; The horny albumen gene that uses the depart on bunny body by institute of zoology of physiology of plant of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences turns into cotton, make pily fiber had the quality of rabbit hair; Chromatic woolen is developed, russia, Australia already bred chromatic sheep, its color has: Blue, red, fizzle out and brown. The occurrence of these chromatic raw material is brought to textile industry undoubtedly change revolutionarily. Mexico already developed variety of cotton of a kind of train in excess specified length, fiber is particularly long, orderly had spent, have soft feel and beautiful burnish, japan is using fiber of this kind of train in excess specified length to make high-grade fabrics and clothing.
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