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Knowledge of spinning raw material
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2, fiber blending, take a gender to rise: As a result of function of natural fiber, man-made fibre, synthetic fibre each different, have certain good point and inadequacy, and natural fibrous natural resources is limited, pass blending to be able to make all sorts of fiber learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness, raise a product to take a sex greatly. For example: Abb but with a variety of fiber blending, in order to get used to a variety of demand. Wool component content under the abb blending goods of 35% , what can think it is certain to mix yarn fabric to gift is characteristic, the blending fabric with high wool content is abb and blending of other and natural fiber commonly.

3, after paying attention to, arrange, outstanding individuation: The fabrics such as natural fiber cotton, wool, silk, undertake through physics or chemical method arenaceous wash in order to achieve frivolous change, soft bate; Natural fiber is arranged through printing and dyeing, produce simple change, if grind wool to arrange,make product feel exquisite, bath biology is enzymatic arrange make its feel soft, depth is arranged make fabric waterproof, breathe freely, configuration memory is arranged make fabric shrinkproof anti-creasing. Make natural fiber achieves dress thereby comfortable, fight bacterium, fight ultraviolet ray, disinfection, mouldproof, moth-proofing wait for a function, already made the point of growth of natural fine reform, it is the one old tendency that natural fiber fabric develops.

4, the development with enzymatic biology and application: Biology is developed enzymaticly and apply, the one big successful move that is spin and union of photograph of biology science and technology, those who be aimed at all sorts of fiber itself is concentrated enzymatic agent, if cellulose is enzymatic as enzymatic as albumen, can increase the effectiveness that arrange greatly, reduce the pollution to the environment. To a few with quality the fabrics of poorer bombazine weaving, can undertake proper enzymatic wash craft, below the premise that does not injure fabrics, reduce the wool head of yarn and nap, going up somehow thereby the inadequacy that made up for bombazine quality; Altogether, enzymatic wash craft not only craft is simple, and cost moderate, cooperate to blanch, add colourful, softening finish, can wash the fabrics that gives different style, different class, satisfy the market demand of disparate arrangement of ideas.

Altogether, as the development of science and technology, chemical fibrous proportion can increase further, natural fibrous takes function to be able to rise further, should be both and mutual union, what each other takes is long, is not to replace a relation. Does the reader think?

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