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Peace keeping of fine of polyvinyl chloride fibber slants fiber of polyvinyl chl
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Fiber of polyvinyl chloride fibber is our country names to commodity of polyvinyl chloride fibrous, international trade name calls collect dimension Er, Peicaiwu (PCU) etc, it is one of main breed of chlorofiber.
Fibrous of polyvinyl chloride fibber makes raw material be obtained extremely easily, cost is inferior, can use wet or dry method method of two kinds of filature.
Fiber proportion: 1.4g/cm3 left and right sides
Fiber intensity: It is 2.64cN/dtex about
Rupture percentage elongation: 12% "28%
Flexibility is better, have good flame resistance can, wearability and be able to bear or endure climate ability is very good also, the it may not be a bad idea of warmth retention property of its aggregate.
Leading defect: Very sensitive to heat, in boiling water fiber can contract substantially, intensity drops, percentage elongation increases 150% "280% , reason fabric irons via rising very hot, and hygroscopic very poor, coloring difficulty, easy generation is electrostatic.
Main use: Prevent hair burning sand cloth, mattess cloth and things of other interior decoration, be able to bear or endure chemical drug coverall, cross filter cloth, or treatment is waited a moment into knitwear and inserts of heat preservation cotton for wadding. Still can use fiber of polyvinyl chloride fibber to be able to chafe additionally the characteristic that produces a large number of anion to have fair treatment effect to human body, make it hygiene articles for use.
The United States says to slant fiber of polyvinyl chloride fibber is ” of “ Sa Guan, basically contain slant chloric ethylene (occupy 80% above) , slant chemistry of fibrous of polyvinyl chloride fibber is stable, coloring difficulty, specific gravity is now the heaviest in spin fiber, for 1.7g/cm3, regain is 0% , moisture absorption competence is poorer; Fiber ruptures intensity is 2.12cN/dtex, percentage elongation 15% "25% ; Slant the anti-flammability of polyvinyl chloride fibber is better, do not support combustion. Slant fiber of polyvinyl chloride fibber has filament fiber and short staple two kinds.

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