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Identify cashmere, alpaca, mohair
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Actually, cashmere, alpaca and mohair are the hair of the animal like common abb together, belong to natural protein fiber namely, but because produce these fibrous animals exiguous, make prices of these fibrous of special type animal higher, the cashmere price that having good name of ” of “ soft gold and ” of “ fiber diamond especially is more high. What differ with abb is, ply of scale of surface of fibrous of special type animal is thinner than common abb, the density that scale enclothes Mao Gan is smaller than abb, because this caused the feel with fiber of special type animal and different abb: Slippery bright of feel of fiber of special type animal, and abb compares coarse relative to feel. Because fiber of special type animal and woolen “ are identical ” and “ are different ” , just make cannot distinguish with chemical and common combustion law, deliquescent law fiber of special type animal and abb, only microscope of professional have the aid of just can have identification.

Cashmere is the wool of rock-bottom fine fleece that comes from goat body to go up, the goat grows on Gao Han's prairie, for example of our country inside and other places of unconscious, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Liaoning. Our country is the cashmere production big country on the world, cashmere crop occupies the 1/2 above of world total output, among them the cashmere with unconscious less than is top grade. Cashmere fibrous characteristic is fine, soft. Softness of its fabrics feel, slippery glutinous, burnish is downy, the abb fabrics photograph of samer ply is a lot of lighter than weight, and it is more fleece-faced style. Generally speaking, the cashmere coat of light color comes from white fine hair more, quality is better; And take brunetly mostly from violet cloth with soft nap or black fine hair, quality inferiors a bit.

Alpaca comes from a kind to call “ alpaca ” (also call “ A Er Ba Ka ” ) animal, this kind of animal basically grows at Peruvian the Andes Mountains. Altitude of the Andes Mountains 4500 meters, difference in temperature of day and night is great, nightly - 20 ~ - 18 ℃ , and by day 18 ℃ of 15 ~ , sunshine radiate cold wind of rare hail of intense, air is brisk. The alpaca of the life falls in so harsh environment, its hair can resist of course extreme temperature changes. Alpaca can be protected not only wet, still resist effectively solar radiation, alpaca fiber contains the pith antrum that can inspect below microscope, because of abb of its excel of warmth retention properties, cashmere and mohair.

Additional, alpaca fiber has more than kinds of 17 natural colour and lustre: From arrive in vain black, reach the brown, gray of a series of different depth, it is the natural color is the richest fiber in fiber of special type animal. The Ba Ka ” of “ A Er that we see in the market is to point to alpaca namely; And ” of “ Su Li is alpaca a medium kind and point to grown alpaca more, fiber is longer, colour and lustre is beautiful beautiful; The ” of “ Bei Bei that often says is alpaca young wool, opposite fiber is fine, softer. Alpaca fabrics feel slips, warmth retention property is admirable.
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