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Fabrics of commonly used spin is Chinese and English contrast
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Gray Yarn raw yarn, ecru gauzeGray Fabric grey, ecru clothGauze of Spinning spinning Yarn Count is raisedWeft of Warp warp WeftWarp density of Ends Per InchFilling density of Picks Per InchStructure of Fabric Construction fabricFabric Width cloth is wideSingle Width single widthDouble Width double widthCutting Length cuts off lengthErrant piece-length of Irregular Roll LengthNatural Fiber natural fiberConjugated Yarn compound fiberFilament grows fiberCut Staple, spun short stapleBlended Yarn mixes spinningCross Weave interweavesTwist Yarn twists gauzeLeft Twist S twists, left hand twistsRight Twist Z twists, the right hand twistsGauze of hard twist of Tight Twist YarnSoft Twist Yarn twists infirmly gauzeColoring of Yarn Dyeing raw yarnFabric Dyeing piece dyeingHank Dyeing wrings gauze coloringDirect Dyeing direct coloringPlain tabbyTwill twillSatin satin weaveStripe stripeCheck, plaid case grainJacquard jacquard weaveDobby double arm spends type to knitDecorative pattern of double-faced contamination of waste enamel of Double Faced Jacquard is indigotic young cloth:
Flocking of cotton cloth of Indigo Chambray person:
Flocking of Rayon Cloth FlockingPVC:
Flocking of cloth of PVC Flocking knitting:
Cloth with soft nap of bead bead of Knitting Cloth Flocking:
Claimond Veins pours wool:
Panne of Down Pile Making: Chamois of Velveteen (velvet-plain) copy:
Flocking of skin of Micro Suede bull-puncher:
Silk spins Jeans Flocking Buddhist nun:
Seersucker of husband of tower of nylon of Nylon Taffeta (Nylon Shioze) :
Flocking of face of element of Nylon Seersucker Taffeta: Flocking of Plain Flocking printing: Flocking(flower) carve imprints flocking:
Flocking of bottom of channel of Embossing Flocking leather:
Carve of flocking of bull-puncher of Leather Imitation Flocking imprints:
Woollen overcoating of cashmere of hare of Embossing Jeans Flocking:
Angora Cachmere Overcoating is double-faced: Abb of Double-faced Woolen Goods establishs cloth with soft nap: Cut Velvet arranges wool: Over Coating tweed: Costume Tweed bounce: Velvet of tower of Lycra Woolen Goods:
Grid of velvet of Nylon Taslon tower:
Fine hair of skin of N/Taslon Ripstop peach: Husband of tower of cleanse of Polyester Peach Skin: Polyester Taffeta Chun Ya spins: Polyester Pongee exceeds fine Maikebu:
Micro Fiber bright and beautiful cotton is stiff (tabby) :
Nylon-cotton Fabric (Plain) heavy Ping Jinmian is stiff:
Handwriting of person of Nylon-cotton-cotton Fabric(double Weft) bright and beautiful cotton spinning:
Nylon-cotton Fabric twill bright and beautiful cotton spinning:
Nylon-cotton Fabric (twill) is plain coloured velvet: Solid Velvet sprout grinds Mao Tian goose down:
Snowflake of Rib Fleece Velvet is velvet: Melange Velvet cotton ginning is velvet: Flannelette of bead of Ginning Velvet bead: Cloth of blending of cotton of hemp of Pellet Fleece Velvet: Cotton of hemp of Linen/cotton Blended Fabric hands in weaving: Cloth of plain dyed towel of Linen/cotton Mixed Fabric: Cloth of Solid Terry ant: Fleece In One Side is plain coloured the cloth that guard the clothes: Cloth of Solid Fleece fishnet: Fleece is striped single jersey: Cloth of bounce of Color-stripes Single JerseyT/R: T/R BengalineT/C color weaves grid cloth: Chamois of copy of bounce of T/C Solid Check Fabric: Chamois of copy of Micro Suede With SpandexT/R: Chamois of copy of T/R Micro Suede preciouses jade a cloth with soft nap is compound cloth: Cloth of knitting of chamois of copy of 100 % Polyester Micro Suede Bounding With Polar Fleece is compound: Cloth with soft nap of lamb of chamois of copy of 100 % Polyester Bounding With Knitting Micro Suede Fabric is compound cloth: Smooth damask of candle of 100 % Polyester Micro Suede Bounding With Lamb Fur: Silk spins smooth Buddhist nun of Cire Satine total need: Half disappear of Full Dull Nylon Taffeta is smooth silk spins the Buddhist nun: Nylon of light of Semi-dull Nylon Taffeta: Grand of silk of smooth tower of Trilobal Nylon total need: Cloth of smooth Oxford of total need of Full Dull Nylon Taslan: Case of nylon of Full Dull Nylon Oxford: Case of grand of silk of Nylon Rip-stop tower: Taslan Rip-stop dumb Fu Di: Guang Chunya of total need of Full Dull Micro Polyester Pongee spins: Chun Ya of Full Dull Polyester Pongee spins grid: Fine hair of skin of peach of optical polyester fiber of total need of Polyester Pongee Rip-stop: Fine hair of skin of peach of wide twill of Full Dull Polyester Peach: Big Twill Polyester Peach washs bright and beautiful fine hair of compound peach skin: Grid of Poly/nylon Peach dacron: Dacron of Polyester Taffeta Rip-stop is honeycomb tower silk grand: Optical polyester fiber of total need of Polyester Honey Taslan is low play Oxford cloth: Full Dull Poly Textured Oxford washs bright and beautiful interweave peach skin fine hair: Nylon/polyester Inter-woven Peach
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