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Cotton fiber general situation
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Cotton fibrous is main physics and chemistry
Length of fiber of 1. length cotton is the distance between the two end when pointing to fiber unbend, it is cotton fibrous one of important physics property. Cotton fibrous length is main by pily breed, unripe chief condition, the element such as treatment decides first. Cotton fiber length and relationship of the quality that become gauze and spinning craft are close. Cotton fiber length is long, orderly had spent, short fine hair is little, become gauze puissant tall, work even, yarn surface is bright and clean, mao Yu is little.
Cotton fibrous length is inhomogenous, use the index such as rate of main body length, character length, uniformity, short fine hair to state cotton fibrous length is reached commonly distributing. Main body length is the fibrous length with the most content in fiber pointing to cotton. Character length is that part fibrous that shows than main body length grows average length, it is in spinning craft, use affirmatory Luo La to lie between be apart from. Rate of short fine hair is to point to length weak point to hold the percentage of fiber gross weight at the fiber weight of some length bounds. Exceed 15% when short fine hair commonly when, into gauze puissant mix a dry meeting is apparent become poor. In addition, still have the length index such as length of pulling staple length, span.
Fibrous of cotton of 2. line density line density is to point to degree of fibrous degree of finish, it is cotton fibrous one of main character index, closely related it and degree of cotton fibrous maturity, puissant size. Density of cotton fiber line still decides spinning spy number and one of main factors of the character that become gauze, wait with fabric feel, burnish about. Fiber is fine, become gauze puissant tall, gauze lines has worked, can spin fine yarn.

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