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Of spin flotsam reclaim with use
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The waste material that use can reclaim in textile industry a lot of. Our country is big country of a spin, gauze crop takes the world the first, spin flotsam natural resources is very substantial, spin fiber is annual consumption is controlled about 5 million tons, as the constant growth of spin fiber consumption, spin flotsam also increases subsequently necessarily, in the meantime, our country is big country of a population, spin resource is quite in short supply still, cannot satisfy the need that textile industry produces far. Those who strengthen spin flotsam reclaim use, become useless to be treasure, have epochmaking sense to making up for the inadequacy of raw material of our country spin not only, and also be the burgeoning industry project with sufficient natural resources of tall ﹑ of benefit of low ﹑ of a cost, have wide development perspective.

The spin waste material that can use for reclaiming is very much, if abandon fiber ﹑ spin and the cotton waste that take outfit plant,the waste silk of factory of chemical fibber of leftover pieces ﹑ is mixed bottle of polyester of ﹑ of blob of viscose and shabby clothings can reclaim use. Can undertake classified first to spin and the offal rag that take outfit plant and shabby clothings again lacerate open a pine to become ultimate fibre state, the blob of viscose of polyester bottle and chemical fibber factory passes the filature after smashing. Have the following kinds of methods commonly.

1. regenerated fiber fabric. To be being mixed by shabby sweater makings dress is lacerate the wool fibre after opening a pine is general length is longer, OK and direct spinning weaves slub fabrics or braid sweater trousers, italy is in this respect technology is advanced already gained more successful experience. The product that its quality does not compare the slub woolen goods that by this kind useless wool produces or sweater trousers to be produced by raw wool is inferior. Longer to fiber length second birth wool fibre or other fiber also but mix into is used into good fiber, use annulus ingot or turn a cup of attrition that spin ﹑ spin parallel spinning machine all but. Place spinning can be used at decorating ﹑ of antependium of ﹑ of fabrics of material ﹑ furniture industrial fabric ﹑ filter cloth and ﹑ of all sorts of blanket ﹑ fabrics dress liner. The blob of viscose that chemical fibber factory produces but in interfuse monomer new filature.

Polyester bottle is the rubbish that causes an environment to pollute one of sources, how to undertake be usinged effectively having very fundamental economy value and social beneficial result. Generally speaking, polyester bottle can undertake filature into fine fragment through make friends mostly. If the main raw material of mineral water bottle is polyvinyl chloride, become mineral water make friends fine fragment, heat after fused purify impurity, spinning of repass reel off raw silk from cocoons makes thread, average 27 mineral water bottle can be machined make a beautiful turtleneck wool clothing. Grind coke bottle make friends becomes grain state, use chemical method to part the polyester that contains in coke bottle and glycol, heat respectively silk is spun after melt, coloring hind weaves cloth, with 20 coke bottle can do a jacket. To bottle of plastic soda water and scour bottle, arrange bottle classify according to its color first treatment, fuse into travel high temperature next reel off raw silk from cocoons and aftertreatment. With this kind of fiber treatment becomes brushy cloth, but tailor becomes all sorts of the latest fashion, wear warm gently again already on the body, very comfortable. Still have a kind of bottle that makes for raw material with polypropylene, through smashing ﹑ filature can be machined have as similar as natural abb wool, this kind of wool is particularly easy coloring, coloring hind produces a kind of glistening curious result, gorgeous but person.
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