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Of spin flotsam reclaim with use
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Cloth of weaving of 2. regenerated fiber blame. This is the field with regenerated fiber most wide application, be produced in industry and agriculture and apply in each life domain very extensive. General regenerated fiber uses air current to become ﹑ of net ﹑ macerate dry, make blame weaving cloth, also can use the methodological production such as agglutinate ﹑ pinprick. The liner ﹑ that cloth of weaving of this kind of blame can use cap of the ﹑ that make a shoe is industrial leatheroid of ﹑ of liner of portfolio of glove ﹑ leather case base felt pan of cloth ﹑ sofa. Basically use at the adornment inside bodywork in the car, via compound fabrics, can make car bodywork thermal insulation of ﹑ of layer of sound insulation of ﹑ of soft mat of liner ﹑ wainscot and saddle and cover lid. Also can use at packing material ﹑ agriculture to use to enclothe material ﹑ housing materials and insulating material.

3. regenerated fiber oakum expects. The regenerated fiber course with shorter length of poorer to a few quality ﹑ can make oakum makings use after proper processing. The oakum stuff that pays insole of ﹑ of ﹑ seat cushion and toy like * of ﹑ of layer of adiabatic ﹑ sound insulation. After the polyester expanded plastics that uses on the playground especially joins proper regenerated fiber inside mat, can increase its strength greatly, prolong service life.

Of 4. linters use effectively. Very short to a few length linters, can use papermaking ﹑ chemical oar to expect ﹑ sticks gunpowder of ﹑ of film of ﹑ of filling of pharmacy of celluloid ﹑ of glue fiber ﹑ and advanced coating to wait as cellulose raw material.

Anyhow, useless fibrous reclaims using is well worth doing, this is a result in a thousand years, the career of benefit descendants.

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