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Fiber of a kind of new-style animal -- treasure velvet
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Recently, does Tianjin industry university roll out a kind of new-style animal fiber? ? Treasure velvet. Treasure velvet also calls a dog cloth with soft nap, it is a kind of good wool spinning raw material, via experimental proof, function index is close to its each physics machinery to exceed abb, cashmere even very, have better spinnability, spin the yarn that go out each function index accords with a requirement, woven fabric is specious, feel softness, have take property exceedingly goodly.

The treatment of treasure velvet product can use wool spinning and the means that cotton spinning photograph combines, so far, tianjin industry university already undertook dividing combing to treasure velvet, spinning, woven, knitting, blanch, shrink cloth with soft nap, coloring experiment, and had been spun became gauze, pass machine knitting needle to knit, consummate sample, provided a kind of new-style and advanced raw material for wool spinning.

Development treasure velvet has great and far-reaching sense, can promote the development of agriculture, stock raising already, still be helpful for the protection of zoology environment.

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