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Fiber of polyvinyl alcohol fibber introduces
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Fiber of polyvinyl alcohol fibber
1.5dtex(1.4D)*35mm of 1. short staple
(1) fiber of polyvinyl alcohol fibber and cotton each 50% blending, but all sorts of dress taste make it
(2) fine small tissue can do blending of vinylon and cotton blend the knitwear such as underwear, sheet, mosquito-curtain and cotton jersey pants, singlet
(3) labor protection dress and vamp, bootlace
(4) bag of gun cover of cloth of canvas of pure polyvinyl alcohol fibber, carriage belt, carriage lid, for military use, commissariat industrial cloth
2. is pulled cut gauze
(1) be able to bear or endure seawater is caustic good, can do flue and breed the goods such as laver
(2) the stringy cable that can do maritime work
3. dissolubility fiber
Not via shrinking the filament of aldehyde word and ramie or cotton interweave, wait for an aftertreatment via removing safeguard, make fabric holds out draw together slippery bright, hygroscopic good, it is high-grade product (wait like handkerchief of yarn of ramie)

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