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Pily king -- highest grade cotton
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In knowing highest grade cotton to be produced in global cotton, only 3% can be call ELS (cotton of specialty cloth with soft nap) or highest grade cotton. Main component is existing high grade cotton 4 kinds: Egypt cotton, Peruvian Pima cotton, American Pima cotton and island cotton. Although 4 kinds of cotton part to be cultivated in 4 places, but character not Xiang Baizhong. Belong to high grade fiber entirely, and much more phyletic cloth and dress all applicable.

Regarding European spin as production and the Italy that export powerful nation is this kind of high grade cotton is main buy the home.

The product manager Elisa Riva of Manifattura Di Legnano says: We choose “ the Pima cotton of Egypt Gize 45 and American Supima, mix in order to respond to our client to the persistence of character requirement. They have extremely high demand to the feel of cotton and function. ELS is the natural thread that only has a variety of additional value one kind: Toughness softness of sufficient, feel, luster, simple sense is like silk to wait a moment. ” in addition, by the Supima of high grade brand that American Pima cotton is made and becomes, can ensure finished product does not have foreign matter, quality is everlasting.

Iafil of Italian spin company (in order to produce gauze of Xfine Peruvian Pima gallop praise international) express, brandish of this kind of fiber gives out a kind of particular burnish, its softness feels more incomparable character. The Stefano Marchetti of export department manager of this company says: The cotton of cloth with soft nap of Peruvian Pima specialty that we basically use “ to pluck with hand, but as a result of in short supply, so we also can choose American Pima cotton. Peruvian have toughness likewise with Pima cotton of the United States softness of brightness of dye-in-the-wood, colour and lustre, feel and fiber degree of finish are even wait for an advantage. The place of only a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is Pima cotton more general cotton is costly. This kind of high grade cotton has dress of tatting cloth and fine knitting, advanced knitting to just can be used only normally. ”

Loro Festa of business of production of line of another Italy spun yarn is chosen likewise in Peruvian cultivate and with the Pima cotton that plucks artificially. This company points out, softness of this kind of highest grade cotton that the name is Real Pima must make a person fab, send out at the same time a decorous burnish. Fibrous is natural toughness and flexibility make dress finished product more durable. This kind of yarn is the first selection material that makes soft and advanced clothing, tatting and knitting all appropriate.

Pima and Supima cotton

Pima cotton is cotton of cloth with soft nap of highest grade specialty (ELS) a general designation, american part area (basically be western with southwest ministry) , Peruvian, Egypt, Israel, Australia and China have Pima cotton to produce now. Be called before Pima cotton American Egyptian Cotton, now is according to Pima of American southwest ministry Yindian is cultivated and pluck with the hand of cotton traditional and name. Japan is the country with global most entrance.
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