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Pily king -- highest grade cotton
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Supima is the title of cotton of top class Pima, also be a brand that represents American Pima cotton. The blame that cultivates a composition by American Pima cotton seeks profit organization, use this registered trade mark to publicize cotton of this kind of highest grade. This organization drives character actively to assure a plan, undertake promoting Pima the research of character. The company that Supima can win accredit 250 times to use this label for farmer member and whole world is time offer produce and market message. Supima plans to order for accredit made strict requirement, have quality only the optimal, product that sells in high-grade and retail market and mail-order company just registers this trademark permissibly. The investigation that having with shopkeeper to men's clothing stylist shows, high-grade and men's dress cloth is increasing use Supima cotton, blame with knitting golf unlined upper garment / go vacationing dress, essence spins shirt, T-shirt and jeans to be very.

Does highest grade cotton have He Du's special place? 1-3/8 of = of specialty of cotton of cloth with soft nap inch or longer / American standard (highest grade cotton is longer than general cotton 35% )

Force of pliable but strong is powerful: The toughness of highest grade cotton is stronger than general cotton 45%

Output is little: The whole world has 3% cotton to belong to highest grade category only

Fineness beautiful: Offer relatively of beautiful acquire full capacity

Add function: After highest grade cotton is rectified via catching, colour and lustre is brighter He Guangliang; Character nature softness, feel is suitable slip, overhang feels especially strong, knit the cloth tenacity that come out dye-in-the-wood, finished product has relatively the overhang effect of beautiful.

Technical advantage: Pima cotton can undertake a variety of functions are arranged, if avoid very hot, prevent bacterium and anti-fouling.

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